Will F1 Championship to be decided by weight of driver?

Discussion in 'F1' started by cmack, Feb 16, 2009.

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    That could be possible, according to an article I read over the weekend (motosport aktuell, leading German F1 news). Because KERS makes the cars heavier, but the maximum weight of the cars is still restricted to 605 kg, some drivers have to lose up to 10 % of their weight. Still the heavier drivers have a disadvantage, as there is no weight left to add additional kilo for better weight distribution of the car, which can improve the handling of the car substantially.
    The most disadvantaged drivers are Kubica (72kg), Sutil (74) and Webber. As Sutil and Webber are not really championship contenders, for Kubica and his ambitions the weight could be a problem.

    Within SF, Raikkönen has 67kg and quite a disadvantage to Massa with 61.

    Within the BMW Sauber team You can expect a change of the guard, Nick Heidfeld seems to have a better season ahead, as the is the lightest driver in the Formula 1 together with Jarno Trulli (both have 60kg). What also gives Quick Nick an advantage is the return of the slicks.
    As BMW Sauber seems to have the most experience with KERSand is a hot favourite, that could quite decide the championship.

    Hamilton and Kovalainen are, by the way equal with 66 kg, so they start on the same level.
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  3. IanMac

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    I think you'll find the rules stipulate a minimum weight for the cars not a maximum, so teams could add weight if they wish. That might enable them to improve handling a little but wouldn't help outright speed.
  4. cmack

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    Jan 8, 2009
    Yes, you're right, the rules speak of a minimum weight of 605 kg. But as You concluded, the weight problem will dictate the handling and speed of the cars with KERS substantially.
  5. 1_can_dream

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    Jan 7, 2006
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    I think hes referring more to the fact that a heavier driver allows the engineers to strategically place the ballast in the car to get it up to the minimum weight, allowing them to change the handling characteristics and balance of the car. I would hope that even with the kers in the cars that there is still some headroom with even the heaviest of drivers to still be at the minimum weight. There just might not be as much freedom with the weight characteristics this season.

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