Will the C8 be able to do this....

Discussion in 'American Muscle' started by Eric R, Jun 27, 2019.

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    I think this car will be a huge sucess for the first 2-3 years, and yes it may fade out rather quickly too. Partly thats because a Fe car is classic and classicaly proportioned while me cars loose their freshness quickly. The question is how GM can evolve restyle and grow this platform as they did with the C5-C7. Can it get stiffer and lighter with time because drivign dynamics is somehting the euros have and something the vett has not been lauded for since the C2.

    My concern is Gm says its 10% stiffer than the C7, and thats hardly class leading. Maybe for the vette customer base it dosent matter, but moving past the base these and other issues will. Its a new platform and if the c5-c7 is an indication Gm has 10-15 years to hone it.
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    I grew up with crappy GM Vettes, Z28's and Trans Ams. My C6 is WAAAAAAY better and has no creaks or rattles, even with the top off.

    My old Trans Ams had water IN the trunk and water On the rear floor boards from the trunk seals and T Tops leaking unless you took steps to prevent it.

    It was like a built in rust / self destruct feature.
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    Per Kristoffersson
    I actually have a late C4 and have driven my father's C6 on a few occasions (far more rides as passenger) and also have the Fiero (my first non-necessary vehicle) to compare to. And you're right on the getting in/out part. And cabin space. But as far as the chassis/frame they are very similar from the C4 onward. Just look at them. Obviously there is a bit of evolution due to things like wanting to get rid of the high sills and eliminating welds (think the C5 went to hydroformed single-piece frame rails where the C4 frame rails were 3-piece spot-welded which seems to be one reason they aren't as stiff as they should be given their dimensions) and moving to a transaxle but if you look at the stripped down frames... It's fairly interesting really.

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