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    ole miss
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    i just got a windsurfing rig, and have been more or less self teaching. anyway i do have some questions and seeing how i'm in the redneck riveria, there is really no one to ask locally.
    currently the way i have the board set up is with two fins, or rudders. the larger one sticks straight down and is more or less in the middle of the board. the other one is curved and smaller and is at the rear of the board.
    my question is, do i need the one positioned to the middle of the board, and what exactly is its function? i would assume it gives the board some stability, but does it make it harder to turn the board?
    thanks for any advice, i actually made it across my lake today in 15 mph winds, so i'm getting the hang of it.
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  3. Fast_ian

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    Ian Anderson
    Yes - If you remove that center board you'll find it really hard to even climb onto the sucker - It'll want to "roll over" on you. Try it - It'll give you a good feel for how it changes the "handling" - and you might even notice when you're riding and it gets snapped off.....

    Yes, it does make it a little harder to turn, but not in a way you're likely to feel when riding (Turn the sail, and the board *will* follow.]

    Depends how big the lake is :D

    Seriously, congrats - More importantly, did you make it *back*, or did you have to do the "walk of shame"......?

    BTW, You do know that windsurfing has been cancelled in favor if kiteboarding? :)

  4. coledoggy

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    Apr 8, 2007
    ole miss
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    well i drove my equiptment to one side of the lake and windsurfed to my house on the other side, so a one way ticket, but it is a nice sized ski lake.
    yes, i would honestly rather kiteboard, but i'm going to get this windsurfing tackled first. thanks for the response.
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    tim c
    I was trying the kiteboarding down in the V.I. it was a blast.Iw as watching these guy's from the dock for two days before i had enough beer in me to give it a try.

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