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  1. thecarreaper

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    Sep 30, 2003
    HELP! ok long story short. i bought a video game controller to get more use out of my games. plugged it in to my USB ports and got a warning about " not enough power to run device" the thing had a on off switch so i turned it off but left it plugged in to the port. i have 2, the other was a " hub ", where i have the printer plugged into and a port for the digital camera. i dont know that my USB HOST CONTROLLER is dead, only that 1) the usb ports no longer showed up in " device manager"
    2) nothing i plugged into either port will work, nor does the pc " see" it at all. ok i got a USB PCI card with USB 2.0 . put the card in and computer crashes. got it running finally in safe mode and disabled the 2 slots that had the yellow exclamation points on them. the hub shows up but i am NOT going to plug anything unless i know for sure it wont damage anything.

    main question: (i) can i reinstall usb host controllers/ drivers off the xp disc?
    (ii) if the old ports are damaged/fried can i somehow ignore them and use the new pci card with the 2.0 slots ( has 5 )
    any help or advice would be great, i know a little about computers but i am not an expert of any kind. i went in BIOS and did "fail safe' setting and it crashed. got it up and running as stated above. if i have confused the question i can clarify for anyone as needed. thank you for your time! michael
  2. thecarreaper

    thecarreaper F1 World Champ
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    Sep 30, 2003
    ok USB host controller is a chip set on my mother board. the chip set is fried. the PCI card uses the same "controller" ie program to run. in english this means its dead, i have to build another pc. i got it to boot up ( i am on it now ) and online but no printer, camera ect. good thing, like all the spare car parts. i have another motherboard in the box in the closet. gee what fun. ASUS motherboards ( old ones ) seem to have an issue with this. shame a game controller screwed the whole pc up. it drew too many amps thru the chip set and fried it. BUT I LEARNED SO MUCH FROM THIS!!!!!!
    i tried to delete the thread but too much time has passed, ROB can close it when ever necessary. question answered.
  3. MikeZ_NJ

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    Mike Z.
    Yup, I've seen that happen on an ASUS MB before.

    What kind of MB are you replacing it with?
  4. TimN88

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    Jun 12, 2001
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    Now that i think about it, maybe this is why my usb mouse stoped working. I figured that it was gateway;s fault because i had just gotten my comp back from them fixing it and the mouse didnt work after that. This was 20 days ago. I brought my computer backto them and they said they'd fix it free of charge. I havent gotten a call back from them and when i called, they said "they were having trouble locating my computer." what idiots! hopefully they wont find it and will buy me a new one, even though mine was top o' the line 1 year ago, i wouldnt complain if they got me a new one.
  5. maranelloman

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  6. Schatten

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    Michael, hope this helps:
    (i) - in device manager, if you simply remove something and reboot or click on refresh, it will redetect it and reinstall it. Bacause it has a bang "!" next to it means it can either be the driver, the device isn't setup correctly, or it isn't working at all.
    (ii) - you can put a card in any slot. sometimes, this can alleviate the bang in device manager. if it doesn't work in one slot, simply try another. this isn't to say that slot is bad, it just doesn't like it. it used to be particular slots preferred particular IRQ's, but with NT/2000/XP it isn't always the case because of virtual IRQ's, but we'll not get into that. Just try others and the USB ports onboard will not be disabled, but will work along with the USB card.

    not sure about fail safe setting. which motherboard is this?
  7. thecarreaper

    thecarreaper F1 World Champ
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    Sep 30, 2003
    sorry guys i was really sick and have been catching up on many things since i am now 100% again.the board is a ASUS A7V133/550/SWA if that tells ya anything. thanks for the replies and the help ( yes you too M man , and i love PULP FICTION!) those who know more about this than i di ( which is , well everyone else) have said that on this series asus board the USB host controller is a chip set on the board itself. this was burn, freid, shorted whatever by the cheap game controller. i installed the PCI card, installed the software ectect. on bott up the computer would crash. i had to hit " delete" on bot up and go in to BIOS and CMOS menus to find some prompt for " ALL USB ENABLE" after i got the @#$%^ machine to start up and the desk top running i uninstalled all the USB ports, software ect. because of the chipset damage the card cannot be used. i have another of the same motherboard and i hope to switch all this stuff over this weekend if i have time. been trying to get my corvette and one of the trans ams done to sell in the auto trder as i want a 308 something by summer this year, if i dont change jobs or get laid off ( aerospace is like that ) thank for all the help guys!!!!

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