Would you purchase/trade for a low mileage car from a 3rd party dealer?

Discussion in 'California/Portofino' started by Nautilus1, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Nautilus1

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    I found a 2015 California that is kitted out how I would want it with 3900 miles and a factory warranty until Nov 2019. The issue is that the dealer is not a Ferrari dealer. The car is at the Ft Lauderdale Collection and my searches have not come up with any complaints. I purchased my current Cali from a Ferrari dealer. Looking at the Carfax it are and was serviced at an authorized dealer. What are the thoughts here? Thanks much!
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    You can have them get the car checked out by Ferrari FLL and they can CPO it. It will probably cost you $750, but that way you can have the peace of mind. Also if you want, you can also buy the extended warranty. That warranty is about 4500/year and if the cars initial warranty has not expired then you can extend it for 2 years until Nov 2021. There is a guy there who is fantastic to talk to about this, I'll PM you the details if you are interested...
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    I have heard more good then bad about the collection, but given the age of the car and intact factory warranty I wouldn't hesitate to purchase if it is optioned how you want it. Depending on when the last service was it wouldn't hurt to take it on if you do purchase and have the service done even if you have to pay and the free scheduled maintainance doesn't cover it just because the tech will find any abnormalities.

    If this were an older Cali I'd be more cautious at 3rd party dealers. I'd prefer to purchase an older one either from Ferrari or a reputable brand x dealer.
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    I would have no issues.

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