Wow the 612 still doesn’t get love

Discussion in '612/599' started by icelander47, Jan 2, 2020.

  1. RonH

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    Ron H
    Talib Shaw, I think you are getting confused by googling too many links on the internet to this car. If you look at the Naples Motors link it is old, the car is sold and the car when it was listed by them only had 2000 miles on it. Then you will see for the same VIN a sale by Eurocar in Costa Mesa. Icelander47 has been on this Forum for about a year after he bought the car from Eurocar. He has posted a number of times over the last year about his car, so it would certainly seem to be his car.

    It looks like the Ebay listing under Walnut Rabbit that you are referring to is the same sales information as Icelander47 has posted here on this link:
    And it has the same mileage as the car here, about 25,000 miles. Not at all surprising that he would try to sell it on EBay as well as this site.

    So I dont think there is any fraud here, just multiple links to the car over a long period of time on the internet. Remember, postings on the internet never go away.

    So it sounds simply like Icelander47 didn’t like your purchase offer. Care to share what it was? If it was really low ball I maybe understand his angst.
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  3. Talib Shaw

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    Jan 17, 2020
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    Talib Shaw
    $85K. And he literally told me: **** Off. Who does that?
  4. RonH

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    May 29, 2016
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    Ron H
    Well he has lowered his price to $89K so it sounds like the 2 of you should be able to make a deal if you really want to buy it and he really wants to sell it. Based on my experience it also sounds like a fair price. So it sounds like you both need to take a deep breadth and get a deal done. Neither of you should let some harsh words get in the way of a good deal for both of you.
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  5. icelander47

    icelander47 Karting

    Sep 12, 2012

    Unfortunately need to speak up here. Talib offered me 75k and when I responded quickly because I was on my phone I was informed that I must be a desperate seller. I made it clear to him I had no interest in doing business with someone like that, and he proceeded to threaten me to the point of criminal behavior which is now being addressed through the appropriate channels. I have asked the admins to remove his posts as he has said defamatory statements that will be taken very seriously.

    please pay no mind to yet another internet tough guy, or as he told me a crazy Armenian with friends in my neighborhood
  6. ylshih

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    The two of you have conflicting versions of what happened and the site will not intervene or choose one side over another. We expect users to be responsible for their own posts and we do not have the ability to determine which party is telling the "truth" in a two-party exchange. Your recourse, other than to present your side of the story here, is to pursue civil remedies for defamation or criminal action for threats against the other party.
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  8. tazandjan

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    Terry H Phillips
    Well, I know which one I am going to trust and it is not TS.
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