X5 v. Cayenne v. M-500 v. ????

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  1. 03 Lincoln Navigator with Ultimate Luxury package. Extremly nice ride and not as flashy and doesnt have the boxy Escalade look. The 03 range rover is a bit to delicate for my taystes the BMW 4.6IS is a nice choice and the G500 is nice also.
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    Pic of the day, Dr.Tax seen leaving his local GM dealer.
  3. shelbee

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    There are only two REAL SUV in my world.

    You want comfort (usually for girls and moms) get the Range Rover.

    For me, it is only Mercedes Benz Glandewagen (G) class. I love my short wheel base G 500 and for 4 door, get G55
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    Jim Glickenhaus
    I love my wife's turbo cayenne. I'd test drive a regular one as well. If you get one go for the air suspention. It's worth it. If I could only have one vehicle this is the one I'd have.
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    Is it growing on you yet??
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    I would seriously consider the Range Rover. I just got an '04 and I love it! The quality of the interior materials is better than all the other SUVs mentioned. Ride quality is pretty good. Power is pretty good too. Interior space is bigger than the x5/ML. Several good friends with '03's have had superb reliability. Remember, the '03 and '04 are the newest generation RR and were designed by BMW. They are basically like a 7 series (previous generation) on stilts. I'd check it out before purchasing.
  7. shelbee

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    I love the convertible as well,
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    Highly recommend the Lexus LX470. Or its cheaper cousin, the Toyota Land Cruiser.

  9. I forgot about the Lexus LX470 it is also a really nice there is also the GX470 also.
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    David Chambers
    Writerguy called it yesterday, but the Land Rover Disco is a good choice if you don't plan on carrying more than one passenger very often. I dug mine because it made few comprimises to the people who want a nice streeter. I used mine off-road often and it was great.

    Pros: Hard core, awesome off-road capability. Sturdy truck like construction. Not flashy.

    Cons: Slow, poor mileage, somewhat tight interior. Not flashy (little of the "check out the cash I spent on this bad boy and it's gold package and 19ers"). Lousy for folks in the back seat.
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    Anthony Tonokaboni
    The new Range Rovers are really nice, terrific ride and beautiful interior. BMW Engine and Tranny. My wife has an X5 it is a very nice ride but the interior doesn't have too much room especially the trunk area.
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    Is the tax writeoff good for buying a preowned vehicle, or does it have to be new?


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