Yje Indra. How many were made, spyders too?

Discussion in 'Other Italian' started by bitzman, Jan 9, 2021.

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    Feb 15, 2008
    I have only seen one outside a car show in Beverly Hills. It was clean and worthy of being displayed with the cars in the show. I wonder if it is jut the Italia with the body changes? And what the engines were since I think Bitter sabotaged intermeccanica (and Iso) from getting Chevy V8s. Maybe this is the car the Reisners were going to make in Sab Bernardino except when they shipped some the city who ha said they would back them reneged...

    A site called Generation High Output says "The Indra is an exceptionally rare car, with only 127 examples completed between early 1971 and mid-1974. According to the website, the breakdown was approximately 60 convertibles, 40 coupes and 27 two plus twos."

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