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    is the tax with regard to the cars, or is it tax owed for other pursuits and the cars were hidden to avoid having them seized ?
  2. Glassman

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    Apr 23, 2002
    The steering wheel on these older cars is made of wood.
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    I like the tale of Walter's cars. He bought them back when nobody cared about them and was probably looked upon as a strange guy who wasted his money on junky old cars. Now he's the king of Ferrari folklore and many hate him because he is "mistreating" his cars. Hogwash. More like jealousy. He had the foresight to snatch them up when everybody else was wearing polyester leisure suits and hanging out at the disco. Go Walter.

    (And don't forget Walter's aircraft counterpart, another guy also named Walter. Walter Soplata began collection vintage aircraft years ago: )
  4. Blackhorse

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    May 28, 2007
    Two cool Walters.
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    Can we see the rest of the pics now?? Please! :)
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    Any of these cars for sale?
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    IIRC other pursuits.
  8. emiel

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    Emiel Wind
    amazing story, I've heard of it before and have seen the pictures... but still, it blows my mind...
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    Mar 13, 2008
    So whats the status of these cars now?
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    Marc Sonnery
    Harley Cluxton told me a funny story when I did the bio of 0844 for the Christies auction Pebble beach 2000: he restored (or did major work on) 0844 for Walter Medlin long ago. When it was ready Medlin drove from central Florida to Arizona to pick up the car... in an old pick up truck and flatbed!

    Once Medlin got home he unloaded 0844 and as his wife appeared on the house doorstep he called out to her and said:
    "look how good a job they did you push the button and it starts right away!"

    He leaned in did so but...the car was in gear and went into a wall, damaging a front corner. He was so annoyed he never used it for years after that!

    best regards,

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    george burgess
    Hi great story, I have printed this out and will put it with my file collection of this car just one man's opinion tongascrew
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    One might argue that these old cars here are more real than the mostly remanufactured jewels spread about on the lawn at Pebble Beach.
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    I like this guy and his collection . What would the Ferrari hobby be like with out people and collections like this ? Do a search on Walter and read some of the post from people that do not know him , is it any wonder why some people drop out of the Ferrari community or never participate at all ? Lets face it , if you have some cars tucked away somewhere they tend to draw a lot of people that you do not wont to meet !

    I would rather have this collection than one with a bunch of over restored cars sitting on a marble floor !

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