Your hypothetical matched pair of Vintage Ferraris.

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    Greetings all. I've been lurking here for years but somehow feel compelled to put in my 2 cents on this one. Very difficult to choose so if permitted I'll hedge a bit and pick two coupes and two open cars.The later (series 4?) 250 TDF, great race history and still one of my favorites after all these years, and a 275 GTB4 , to me one of the most timelessly beautiful PF designs.
    As for the open cars, I'd have to go with a 166 Barchetta, what started it all in my mind and an S1 PF cabriolet.
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    For about 10 years, my family owned what I think is an interesting combination of vintage Ferraris; a1955 500 Mondial and a 1968 365GT2+2. These cars for me represent the two ends of the spectrum for Ferrari in the early days; the raucous 4 cyl Lampredi 50's racer - crude, spare, and brutal purpose-built race car, and then the last of the big-curvy 4.4 liter Colombo v-12 1960s Pininfarina grand tourers.

    Couldn't be more different in terms of driving experience, but both pure Ferrari.
    (first pic by A. Menasce)
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    Good memories Bryan.
    The LM and Mondial(s) were a good combination...but the Daytona comp with the 300S (albeit not an F car) are little bit more civilized. After all we are getting older!
    Best to you, family and the Admiral.
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    My two favorite are 0515 and 0403 .. But I can dream ..
    Just for the fun, I'd like to own a Dino 206 S or a TdF !

    Forza Ferrari !

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