Discussion in 'Porsche' started by Adrift, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. Adrift

    Adrift Formula Junior

    Aug 30, 2004
    Dallas area
    #1 Adrift, Apr 12, 2007
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    3.8l Twin Turbo, 700hp, 630ft/lb of Torque, RWD, 6speed Sequential Gearbox, Carbon Ceramic Brakes, in House engineered and designed RUF Chassis

    Gotta be ungodly fast
  2. SefacHotRodder

    SefacHotRodder F1 World Champ

    Dec 20, 2003
    East Coast
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    Is this their new "Supercar" or just a tuned porsche?
  3. Adrift

    Adrift Formula Junior

    Aug 30, 2004
    Dallas area
    Depends, I guess. Do you consider Yellowbird a supercar, or "just" a tuned Porsche?

    What you read is all I know at this point.
  4. CMY

    CMY F1 Veteran

    Oct 15, 2004
    Redondo Beach, CA
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    #4 CMY, Apr 12, 2007
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    From M5 Messageboard

    Good Lord.
  5. sicqnus

    sicqnus Formula Junior

    Jul 11, 2005
    Paris - France
    Full Name:
    Cyril Chartier
    Alois Ruf is a very nice person and all his cars are very seriously made. I'm not a great fan of Porsches but this one is amazing.
  6. TheBigEasy

    TheBigEasy F1 World Champ

    Jun 21, 2005
    That looks like a poor-mans CGT.
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  8. Adrift

    Adrift Formula Junior

    Aug 30, 2004
    Dallas area
    I seriously doubt there is anything "poor" about this car. lol
  9. cntchds

    cntchds Formula 3

    Oct 22, 2005
    San Jose, California
    Full Name:
    Peter Hatch
    Isn't 450k US dollars around market price as it stands now? Sounds to me like this is just a really rich man's Cayman.

    I think it looks very purpose built, though I wouldn't say it's pretty...

    Peter Hatch
  10. aedmon640

    aedmon640 Karting

    Jan 17, 2007
    If 300k is considered poor, then ok!

    This thing will romp a CGT

    I believe the front clip is from a cayman, and the whole mid, rear, cabin and motor are all Ruf's making.

    They have another car in the works that is 100% Ruf supposedly.
  11. SefacHotRodder

    SefacHotRodder F1 World Champ

    Dec 20, 2003
    East Coast
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    #10 SefacHotRodder, Apr 12, 2007
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    Thats the one i was asking about. The car they are making thats 100% RUF and will be competing against cars like the Enzo and CGT

    This thing looks badass though
  12. scuderiafever

    scuderiafever Karting

    Apr 10, 2005
    New York
    Full Name:
    Michael J
  13. Asian1118

    Asian1118 F1 Rookie

    Mar 23, 2005
    Shelby twp
    Full Name:
    First impression was WOW, but now that I look at it more I don't like it. It looks to much like a CGT, and I think the back is to long compared to the rest of the car.
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  15. aedmon640

    aedmon640 Karting

    Jan 17, 2007
    I believe this will beat both on a track, we'll have to see though. 700hp and 3000lbs is quite a machine, not to mention it looks smaller dimensionally.

    Ruf's own car is supposedly even faster.
  16. scuderiafever

    scuderiafever Karting

    Apr 10, 2005
    New York
    Full Name:
    Michael J
    It does seem a little longer at first sight, but when taking a closer look, it doesnt seem like they enhanced/stretched the body, just added some interesting unique bodywork. They say its based off of the cayman, but the body work seems to me like it was built off of the boxster. Either way I think the car is absolutely stunning and further supports my love for porsche. Cant wait to see how it will perform. 300k might be a tad high I agree. But I dont think it in any way should be compared to the likes of a carrera gt, even if it comes close/outperforms it. Just 2 different cars. Im sure people on this board will agree that a Novitec 360 is not comparable to an Enzo.
  17. aedmon640

    aedmon640 Karting

    Jan 17, 2007
    I disagree. Look at the profile shots, the rear is much longer than a Cayman is.

    I believe the front clip is the same as a cayman/carrera and the whole mid, rear and cabin are all Ruf's making. It is not a Cayman chassis. It may look the same, but that is simply because they are pretty much the same dimensions, coupes, MR's, with similar looking headlights, taillights, and doors.

    Also in terms of performance, the cayman/ctr3 is a better platform than a 911.
  18. 4CamGT

    4CamGT Formula 3
    Silver Subscribed

    Jun 23, 2004
    Laguna Beach, Ca
    Full Name:
    Freeman Thomas
    The CTR3 is a very special Ruf. I'll share with you what I know from Alois Ruf. The CTR3 is built from the ground up as a Ruf with its own 17 digit international Ruf CTR3 VIN number. It will be certified for the U.S. .It is the most extensive development yet from Ruf. It begins with an unnumbered chassis from the Porsche GT3RS(it will meet all crash standards). It has an aerodynamic "LeMans" coupe low drag roof(about 6" lower than a GT3RS) with Ruf's "IRC"(Integrated Roll Cage). From the "B" piller back it has a modular Ruf spaceframe similar in concept to a Porsche LeMans GT1 with rocker suspension. The mid mounted engine is from the RT12 rated at over 700hp(Alois says each motor dynos at much more). This in a car much lighter than the RT12. I have driven the RT12 on the autobahn and can say this motor is nothing short of sensational! It is hooked up to a brand new Ruf transverse manual sequential gearbox(Alois says his customers prefer a manual sequential over an automatic sequential). It is the strongest supercar gearbox yet created to handle up to 1200Nm. Huge Ruf brakes w/new 19" and 20" centerlocks. The rear is clothed in close fitting aerodynamic bodywork including a high downforce spoiler and diffuser, special heat ventilation slots for the motor and roof mounted intake for cool air. The front fenders are unique allowing the centerline of the wheels to be raised thus lowering the overall body(has more form) and lowering the frontal area while maintaining full suspension travel. It features all Ruf suspension including height adjustable front for driveways and gas stations. The interior features a new Ruf "Lollypop" seat. The body is a mixture of lightweight aluminium, composite and steel. The paint is a special satin/matt silver(not glossy). Believe it or not, the CTR3 is designed to use day in/day out as an everday car with a trunk in front. The CTR3 is what Ruf is about. Its what the original CTR started. It promises to be very fast. You can check out more images at Auto Motor und Sport. Just click the link.

  19. CMY

    CMY F1 Veteran

    Oct 15, 2004
    Redondo Beach, CA
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    Wow.. thank you, Freeman.
  20. writerguy

    writerguy F1 Veteran

    Sep 30, 2003
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    The last time i talked to Alois this was something he was holding close to the chest... But the "GodZilla" project is still going on. The fully Ruf car has gone down to Bahrain to my understanding where they can test in the middle of no where but camels and money
  21. CMY

    CMY F1 Veteran

    Oct 15, 2004
    Redondo Beach, CA
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    Wow.. again. :D
  22. of2worlds

    of2worlds F1 Veteran
    Silver Subscribed

    Apr 6, 2004
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    Brian Willis thank you for the background information and illustration. Very interesting concept. Just what you would expect in a 'Ruf' project! He certainly knows his market...
  23. scuderiafever

    scuderiafever Karting

    Apr 10, 2005
    New York
    Full Name:
    Michael J
    im going to say wow again.
  24. LARuf

    LARuf Karting

    Jan 13, 2006
    Engineering wise it is undoubteldy like all Ruf's stuff...awesome. Styling wise, its down right ugly....looks like a Cayman and Audi TT got it on and that's the result. Got to call it like I see it.
  25. SefacHotRodder

    SefacHotRodder F1 World Champ

    Dec 20, 2003
    East Coast
    Full Name:
    Yea, i'm really not impressed with the styling at all

    Remember, at todays exchange rate its also ~400k! I can think of a lot better cars for the money, a lot better looking cars too
  26. teak360

    teak360 F1 Veteran
    Silver Subscribed

    Nov 3, 2003
    Boulder, CO
    Full Name:
    That is impressive. By the way, I like the car more than the Carrera GT, which I like a lot. The looks are subjective or course, but to me it is very appealing; in a powerful and purposeful way.
    This may be a silly question, but have you seen a completed car?
  27. Mr Payne

    Mr Payne F1 Rookie

    Jan 8, 2004
    Bakersfield, CA
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  28. Adrift

    Adrift Formula Junior

    Aug 30, 2004
    Dallas area
    Very cool. And thanks for the info.

    I just received the following from the local RUF guys...

    RUF CTR 3

    Technical data

    Body build in steel, aluminium and kevlar-carbon. Rollover protection in A-pillar and in birdcage. The birdcage forms a torsion resistant unit with the front chassis by joining to the sill beam and the A pillar.

    Front structure steel, zinc dipped
    Safety passenger compartment steel, zinc dipped
    Engine and transmission frame space frame and birdcage
    Front bonnet and doors aluminium
    Body shell Kevlar-Carbon composite

    Type turbocharged boxer
    Cylinders 6
    Displacement 3,746 cc / 228.6 in3
    Bore 102 mm / 4.01 in
    Stroke 76.4 mm / 3.01 in
    Output 515 kW (700 hp) at 7,000 rpm
    Max. torque 890 Nm / 656.5 lb-ft
    Compression ratio 9.2 : 1
    Engine control unit Bosch Motronic with OBD-2
    Turbo charger two KKK turbo chargers
    Intercooler two air-air-intercoolers

    Power delivery rear wheel drive
    Transmission sequential 6-speed-manual transmission,
    transversal, angle drive, shift indicator in the instrument panel
    Limited slip differential multi-disc locking differential
    Locking value load / deceleration 40 % / 60 %

    Front axle McPherson struts, anti-roll bar
    Rear axle multilink rear axle, anti-roll bar
    horizontal coil over shock absorbers
    Steering Power assisted rack and pinion

    Brake callipers front/rear 6 piston fixed light alloy callipers
    Brake discs front/rear ventilated and cross drilled
    ceramic composite discs
    Brake disc diameter front/rear 380 mm / 15 in / 380 mm / 15 in
    Anti-lock braking system Bosch ABS 8.0

    Wheels and tyres
    Wheels front/rear 8.5” x 19 / 12.5” x 20
    Tyres front/ rear 255/35 ZR 19 / 335/30 ZR 20

    Size and weights
    Length 4,445 mm / 175.0 in
    Width 1,944 mm / 76.5 in
    Height 1,200 mm / 47.2 in
    Wheelbase 2,625 mm / 103.3 in
    Front track 1,506 mm / 59.3 in
    Rear track 1,585 mm / 62.4 in

    Empty weight with 6 speed manual transmission
    According to DIN 1,400 kg / 3,086.4 lbs
    According to EG-standards 1,475 kg / 3,251.8 lbs

    Top speed 375 kph / 235 mph
    0-100 kph / 0 – 62 mph 3.2 sec

    Euro 380,000.00 (plus VAT)

    I think "wow" is all you can really say. lol Well done! Anyone who runs this car down because it isn't a normal production car is nuts. This is no kit car. If Alois put his name on it, it is the real deal. Remember Yellowbird? And the amazing thing is it STILL runs like a scalded dog, after all these years (and still embarrasses 99.99% of the modern cars out there). RUF seriously engineers cars, as anyone who has owned one can tell you.

    WILLIAM H Three Time F1 World Champ

    Nov 1, 2003
    Victory Circle
    Full Name:
    Nice thou design looks a little "doughy"

    Needs some nice sharp defining lines
  30. scuderiafever

    scuderiafever Karting

    Apr 10, 2005
    New York
    Full Name:
    Michael J
    thats how i feel about the 599

    top speed 235mph??? insane. This car is sick, any chance of vids?
  31. Smurf

    Smurf Formula 3

    lovin it so far...need to hear the noise it makes...imagine that car in Black WOW...
  32. PapaiK

    PapaiK Formula Junior

    Mar 5, 2005
    Ottawa, Canada
    Full Name:
    You're right... I'll take one in black please.
  33. CarreraGT

    CarreraGT Karting

    Mar 23, 2006
    Just saw this car on, and my jaw i still on the floor. The styling reminds me of a mini GT1, or a little badass cousin to the Carrera GT. Love everything about it, and would take one over a GT anyday.
  34. jerseydriver

    jerseydriver Formula Junior

    May 10, 2005
    that thing is beautiful

    not as much a CGT

    but close

    i cant see how anyone can not like that or a CGT. that puzzles me
  35. BMW.SauberF1Team

    BMW.SauberF1Team F1 Veteran

    Dec 4, 2004
    I like the proportions with the longer wheelbase. Reminds me of the Ferrari M3 (Enzo proto, 348/355 look). Regular front end, but stretch rear. Looks good. That was the problem with the Cayman. The back looked cutoff and it just looks weird.
  36. lmpdesigner

    lmpdesigner Formula 3
    Silver Subscribed

    Nov 5, 2003
    Atlanta Georgia
    Full Name:
    Brian Willis
    To all who may be interested:

    I have had my post on the CTR3 pulled as I released some information that the RUF factory would rather have released and publicized by the factory directly in a formal and appropriate manner rather than in an informal way, as I had prematurely done.

    For all those interested in more details on the car I would suggest you go directly to the RUF website as that is the appropriate place to learn of this new and very interesting new car.
  37. djui5

    djui5 F1 Veteran

    Aug 9, 2006
    Phoenix, Arizona
    I like it :D

    Not a Porsche fan either, but this thing is sweet. I'm just glad there was finally a change done to the body, with the Carrera GT and now this.
  38. luke9583

    luke9583 Formula 3

    Nov 8, 2003
    Detroit Michigan
    Full Name:
    Luke Wells

    I said the EXACT same thing on rennlist and got slammed lmao
  39. Evan.Fiorentino

    Evan.Fiorentino F1 Rookie

    Aug 23, 2005
    South East Florida
    Full Name:
    Wow I am in love! All that power and no wing?
  40. bostonmini

    bostonmini Formula 3

    Nov 8, 2003
    ...Is this engine equipped with a 997 or 996 engine? VTG turbos?
  41. Cajun

    Cajun Formula 3

    Mar 20, 2004
    Da BY-U
    Full Name:
    Looks are one thing. If the Yellowbird and the rest of Ruf's projects are any indication, this will be a driver's car...pure and simple...function, function, function, oh yeah and form.

    Many of the Yellowbird's records are just being approached by modern day "supercars", and I for one am tickled pink that Ruf is raising the bar yet again.
  42. rosso_fanatic

    rosso_fanatic Formula Junior

    May 11, 2007
    Full Name:
    Any updates on this thing? Are they going to build them? Are there any pictures that aren't from the RUF press kit?

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