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    Nov 5, 2003
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    Brian Willis
    Due to some concerns over divulging information about the Ford NGT and after discussions with Ford ant MTC I made the decision to cancel my talk at AMP his weekend.

    Ford and MTC requests were made in the most hospital and friendly manner possible. They just want to make sure that the correct information is released at the appropriate time. And is it is Ford's project and car I must and will always respect their wishes on such things.

    I was very, very fortunate and lucky to work on such a program and just have such belief in the car, how it was designed, and what makes it so very special that I want the "auto" world to know that.

    It really is a special car, in spite of me being on the program!

    Fear not though as the event at AMP will be rescheduled, but with a different subject matter.

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