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Discussion in 'North & South Carolina' started by KT2, Mar 29, 2017.

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  1. KT2

    KT2 Rookie

    Feb 12, 2017
    Rookie here. I am trying to find reputable service for an F430 near Wilmington, NC. I know all about the guys in Charleston, Raleigh and Greensboro but all are 3 plus hours away. Tony's Foreign Cars sometimes comes up in Wilmington, NC but I'm not comfortable yet. Any help appreciated!

    If I am asking in the wrong forum I am sure someone will point me in the right direction....I went through the general (non model specific) forums and couldn't figure out where to ask. Thank You! Karl
  2. vrsurgeon

    vrsurgeon F1 World Champ
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    Dec 13, 2009
    Charleston, SC
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    Try in the regional forums if you haven't yet. I know two guys that use European Road and Racing down here that live in the Wilmington area..
  3. KT2

    KT2 Rookie

    Feb 12, 2017
  4. DonJuan348

    DonJuan348 F1 Rookie
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    Aug 5, 2008
    Taxing Jersey
    What type of service are you looking for ? My German car specialist can handle most things. Only thing he doesn't do is my belts

    This is still a car not rocket ship
  5. phrogs

    phrogs F1 Rookie
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    Apr 13, 2004
    Kalamazoo MI
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    I lived In jville for years.

    I never let another soul touch my Ferraris or other cars down there.
    Greensboro isn't that far.

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