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  1. gbutler911
    Thanks! I agree. When I first bought this car I was a bit skeptical of the color. After riding in it just once I knew it was perfect.
  2. ThatPat
    There are very few cars that can carry off yellow...this is truly one of them! What a beauty!
  3. baciboi
    too orange, I got the rosa metalica on my 488 spider and it honestly looks amazing. Another good one is white. my friend has her 488 spider in the kinda off white and it looks good but not as good...
  4. Jas
    It's just a mule to test the speedtail drivetrain. It's not a new 720S version.
  5. Samh
    Trying to sell 2015 Cali T! Great condition and great price! Message if interested! Grigio Titanio Metallizzato (silver) - exterior Rossi Ferrari (red) - interior It’s a rare color combo for...