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Discussion in 'New York Tri-State' started by sjmst, Feb 6, 2004.

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Will you be attending ROE on 04/24/04?

  1. Yes, I plan to Attend ROE on 04/24/04

  2. I would pay up to 40.00 Per Person for the entire event

  3. I would pay up to 60.00 Per Person for the entire event

  4. I would pay up to 80.00 Per Person for the entire event

  5. I would pay up to 100.00 Per Person for the entire event

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  1. sjmst

    sjmst F1 Veteran
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    Jul 31, 2003
    Long Island, NY
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    The DATE HAS BEEN SET , 4/24/04. Please let me know who would like to go.

    I spoke to the good folks at the Winery. They are very excited to have us there. They also can provide lunch at reasonable cost. My plan was to arrange for a prepayment of that. They will get me prices within a week. I will then post them and set up a Paypal payment method.
    Still forming ideas as to what to do after the Winery "meet."
    Depending on cost and interest we could go on another ride to a dinner meeting place. Issue there is that we get into expense. I know I am asking for it, but see the poll above and give me your thoughts. NOTE: SKIP THE QUESTION AS TO IF YOU ARE ATTENDING AND IF YOU ARE, JUST CHECK THE PRICE RANGE. (I can't edit that question out)


    Spring ROE…on the way.
    Hello all:
    Those of you who were there for the Fall ROE know about this, but for others, here’s the basic idea:

    As many Ferrari chatters as possible get together for a fun run of their cars to beautiful points east on Long Island…known by some as the Hamptons, others as “the Country” but to we commoners on Long Island as simply “Out East.” Hence the name, Run Out East or ROE (wait, even more cleverness to follow). We meet at a central point, caravan to a winery, then onto another point for lunch.

    Now, for some fine tuning for the anticipated second installment, Spring ROE:


    1) The DATE HAS BEEN SET , 4/24/04.

    2) Everyone is welcome who is an auto enthusiast with a car they love and is in for a friendly get together, and is not likely to require incarceration,

    3) Not just a “Guy” thing (sorry guys). Families, kids, wives, girlfriends (though not wives and girlfriends together; it’s a rally, not demolition derby) are welcome. I think it is important to be non sexist and inclusive (OK, the truth: some of you wouldn’t be allowed out without the wife). If that requires a backup car, so be it. Just keep 20 car lengths behind the “real” cars. JK…sort of.

    4) We have interest from other Italian Marques owners (Alfa Romeo & Fiat/Lancia), so this will be more inclusive right off the bat.

    5) I am trying to make this as simple as possible for everyone to join and enjoy. Basically Pre-pay (yes, see below) and show up. You will be guided all the rest of the way.


    1) We gather at a central meeting place, perhaps off Exit 63 of the LIE as we did last time.

    2) We caravan out to a winery, the same one as last time, Galluccio Wineries.
    Once there, the following may take place:
    After lining up the cars on the lawn there is a catered lunch for those who PREPAY.
    Then, there are tours and wine tasting. At the same time, there can be informal people’s choice awards for cars based on various categories. Everyone judges each other’s cars. Photos are taken, including perhaps a group shot of one car representing one of each marque represented at the ROE.

    3) The next portion is a caravan to other points out east. The final destination will be the dinner gathering, where winners of the judging will be announced. Again, the plan is to have this prepaid.

    4) There has been talk of adding a “charity” component to this. That is, give folks the OPTION of contributing to a worthy cause. My initial thought is to contribute to a Hospital, in this case “mine” in NJ. That can be done through a Journal ad by this group, and or raffle ticket purchases. This is purely optional, but it seems would add a nice touch to the event for little money.


    1) Thoughts on this in these early stages are welcome. Fellow F Chatter Barney has already told me he will work on this with me, as we had worked together for Fall ROE. At a point soon, he and I will have to simply make some decisions and present for people interested, but for now, please offer any ideas or comments.

    2) If anyone has any graphic artist skills, might be nice to develop a “logo” for the event.

    3) Bruce, I know you have developed a master list. If you, (or anyone) know a good way to reach more people to inform them of this, please tell me.

    That’s all for now. More to come.

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