1000 Miglia Warm Up USA 2019 - US Championship Race and Training - October 23 - 26

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    Dear Friends:

    Competizione and Sports Cars have been part of the group working with the 1000 Miglia organization for the last year to create an authentic 500-mile race in the Washington DC area. This is the first time the 1000 Miglia organization has staged a full-scale race outside of Italy. The race has been named the Coppa USA (USA Cup) and eight of the top finishers will receive guaranteed entry to the next 1000 Miglia (May 2020).

    This is an incredible opportunity for us to host in this area. The management team for the race will include 12 members from Italy along with local staff and volunteers. The event is designed to encourage newcomers to participate as well as those that have previously participated in the 1000 Miglia.

    Putting on a full-scale event like this in the US is a big task. We have our full team at the 1000 Miglia office working to make this event a success. We are bringing over the time keepers from the 1000 Miglia to work with the team in the US as well as about twenty of us for the event.

    The route will be finalized by the team but will include a northern and southern loop with a portion of Skyline Drive — one of America’s most scenic roads. We are also planning the finish in Washington to have a special passage near the U.S. Capitol. We are again working in partnership with the Italian Ambassador and have planned the finish line on Italian soil at Villa Firenze. The final evening will include a gala dinner and prize-giving.

    With this event we hope to establish both a new tradition in the U.S. with a group of enthusiasts closely associated with us that appreciate 1000 Miglia and help perpetuate its history.

    We hope you can join us this year and perhaps invite a friend. We will cap the entries at 40 cars.

    Of course, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

    1st Coppa USA — 1000 Miglia USA Championship Race in DC Area
    Tue Oct 22: Arrivals
    Wed Oct 23: Race/Rally training at Summit Point Raceway
    Thu Oct 24: Race Day 1 — Middleburg, VA — Northern Loop (200 miles)
    Fri Oct 25: Race Day 2 — Middleburg, VA — Southern Loop (200 miles)
    Sat Oct 26: Race Day 3 — Middleburg, VA to Washington DC (100 miles)
    Sun Oct 27: Departures

    2 Car Classes:
    1927 — 1957 “1000 Miglia Era” sports and grand touring cars
    1958 — present sports, grand touring and super cars

    True 1000 Miglia style rally time trials (same as 2019 1000 Miglia)
    Finish Line: Villa Firenze — Italian soil — Italian Ambassador’s Residence
    Gala Dinner: Hosted by the Italian Ambassador
    Accommodations: Salamander Resort & Spa — Middleburg, VA (3 nights)
    Fairmont Hotel — Washington DC (1 night)
    Price: € 9,000 — €10,600 for driver co-driver (double occupancy)
    Grid: Up to 40 cars will be admitted
    Deadline: September 9, 2019 (all entries must be submitted and paid)

    Online application:

    Kindest regards,

    Competizione & Sports Cars
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    we will see you there
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    Incredible event!!! Thanks for your passion to make this happen!!

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