1964 158 (205B) Engine Specifications

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    I would really like to see technical drawings of the 158 engine (or photos of the front or bottom) as I am hoping to build a functional LEGO model. Diagrams with dimensions would be helpful, but otherwise if any of the following dimensions are known, it would be super helpful:

    - Bore spacing
    - Piston pin diameter
    - Valve angles
    - Spark plug angles
    - Valve lengths and diameters
    - Valve and spring assembly details
    - Does the block split like the 312B block?
    - Camshaft and cam dimensions
    - Distance from the crankshaft centerline to the bottom of the engine block (was extended because this was one of the first engines to be used as a structural member of the car)
    These are just dimensions that I haven't already gotten a number for. Any dimensions of the crank diameter, big end journal, or connecting rod length from additional sources will be greatly appreciated since I got them from a source that has the following discrepancy.
    It is on multiple sites (including Ferrari's own) that the bore and stroke are 67mm and 52.8mm respectively but one book I found "1 1/2-litre Grand Prix Racing: Low Power, High Tech," seems to imply that the original bore and stroke for the engine "was to be 64mm by 57.8mm, giving it a capacity of 1488cc." Might it have been designed that way and changed during testing? Does anyone know where this might have been recorded?
    Thanks guys!
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