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Sold 1964 Mercedes-Benz 220SEb

Discussion in 'Cars' started by spuckett, Feb 7, 2022.

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    Auction ends Wednesday, February 16 at 6:30pm Eastern​

    This 1964 220SEb is a lovely example of the breed with a spectacular history stretching all the way back to Germany. It was bought new by an Air Force general through European delivery. Complete with factory air conditioning, the car comes with a binder about two inches thick containing every piece of paper that ever pertained to the car, including the NATO discount receipt, shipping manifest, bill of lading, US duty inspection, port of entry permit and so on. In 2011, the car was sold from the general’s estate to its second owner, who spent 8-years and $30,000 refurbishing it. Including rebuilding the rear end, touching up the paint (which is mostly original), replacing the dash pad, horn pad, steering wheel, door felt, ignition switch, front seat covers with leather replacements, tires, clutch, alternator, and wood. The third owner, the seller, bought the 220 in 2020 and had it shipped to him from Mississippi and has used it only slightly.

    A hugely original example of one of Mercedes’ most unique vehicles that is largely credited with reinvigorating the brand with middleclass and middle-upper class customers, this 220SEb boasts the majority of its original paint, save for some rust repairs that were performed on the left-rear quarter panel and wheel well. A few touchup points have been noted and there was a small dent on the front bumper, which was repaired.

    Finished in the famous beige color, the car presents in beautiful condition, with only a small amount of rust appearing near the right-front bumper. The brightwork sparkles well and appears to be straight overall, similar to the body panels. The glass looks to be clear and free of major blemishes and the original hubcaps and grille make the signature Mercedes statement of elegance and simplicity.

    This 220SEb has a striking interior with dark green leather upholstery and beautiful door cards. The carpeting is beautiful, and the wood presents similarly. The previous owner spent a good amount of time and money refreshing the interior with new front seat covers and refinishing the wood veneers, replacing the dash pad, horn pad, steering wheel, door felt, and ignition switch to boot. It is also very possible that a lot of attention was spent on detailing the interior, ensuring every piece gleamed as it should, because it does. Fitted with the original radio, aircon vents, and in-dash clock, the interior looks like it’s ready for a catalogue photoshoot.

    This 220SEb is fitted with the 2.2L inline six-cylinder with an 4-speed manual transmission. The scene under the hood is well kept and detailed, the colors and textures appearing close to new.


    Mercedes’ mantra has long been, “Service Forever.” It is understandable, as parts availability is solid, and it is possible that anyone with just rudimentary mechanical training could likely keep this car going indefinitely. And, by the looks of things, this 220SEb will cruise into the future effortlessly.

    The tone for future Mercedes interiors was largely set by the W111 and its cohorts. The styling of the dashboard is forward with a glimpse of how things were, while the seating upholstery style stretched into the 1990s.

    Fitted with the more powerful engine, manual transmission, air conditioning, and being sold with extensive records and documentation, much of it demonstrating the 2nd owner’s commitment to refreshing the car, this three-owner heckflosse appears to be a gem.

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