For Sale 1972 365 GTB/4 Daytona

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    1972 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 with 39k original miles. $559,000 Last sold at Bonhams in 2017, the description is borrowed from their catalog. Chassis number 15155

    Completed on May 3rd, 1972, this 365 GTB/4 Daytona Berlinetta left the factory in new Giallo Fly 20-Y-191 paint with a Nero VM 8500 leather interior. The car was equipped and destined for the US market, and optioned with air conditioning. Delivered to the East Coast Distributorship Chinetti-Garthwaite (Algar) later that year, the car then sold to its first owner. According to renowned Ferrari historian Marcel Massini, this Daytona is one of the first three that was imported by Chinetti-Garthwaite after they became an importer for Ferrari.

    After spending a number of years with its original owner, the Daytona was made available for purchase, advertised as red with a black interior and having 30,000 miles on the odometer. In 1989, the car was exported to Belgium where it was acquired by Jean-Pierre Ori, who was the former head mechanic for the Belgian race driver Oliver Gendebien. While in Ori's care, the car was treated to an extensive restoration. It is believed that at this point the car was returned to its original shade of Fly Yellow, while it was decided to leave the well-preserved interior alone. Ori would keep the car until the mid-1990s, at which point he sold it to a French collector. It is believed that the car would remain in France until 1999 when it was offered for sale at an auction in Paris. When the car reached the auction, the odometer was showing just 36,000 miles. The car was then sold to a Belgium collector who would keep it for many years. During that stewardship, the car was brought back to Gipi Motors in Brussels, where the engine received a full rebuild. The car has remained overseas ever since, until recently being brought home to the US for this auction.

    It only takes a quick glance to appreciate the quality of the restoration that was performed by Jean-Pierre Ori some 25 plus years ago, which has held up remarkably well. The believed-to-be original interior offers just the right amount of patina that should be paired with a vehicle of this age. Covering fewer than 40,000 miles, only a short amount of distance has been logged since the comprehensive refurbishment of the original, numbers matching engine; today, the 12-cylinders quickly roar to life – begging to be exercised.

    This wonderful low mileage Daytona Berlinetta was recently serviced by J.D. Classics and offers the perfect opportunity to acquire a well sorted example in a striking color combination. Accompanying the sale of this Daytona is a very nice history file which includes photo documentation of the restoration, engine rebuild, and a Massini report. The car has been Ferrari Classiche certified and a Red Book is available for the next owner. If a Daytona was ever something on your wish list, this well sorted Fly Yellow example surely deserves a good look.

    For more information email or call 561-760-9000

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    I think around 2004 a yellow Daytona with engine issues (maybe a leaking gasket) was for sale on F.C., with a 90K asking price. It's buried somewhere on F.C. :D
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    Love. This. Car.


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