1975 - Ferrari 365 - Daytona S2 Shooting Break

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    1975 - Ferrari 365 - Daytona S2 Shooting Break

    “Coco” Chinetti gave the idea of a more functional and practical Ferrari another try. With the help of Gene Garfinkle, he convinced Bob Gittleman, a designer and builder of homes in Florida, that a Daytona wagon would be the ultimate answer to everyday shopping chores. In 1975 it was decided that the car should be converted in England by Bob Jankle of Panther Westwinds. After many months of painstaking labor, the car was completed and Mr. Chinetti and Gittleman think that the people at Panther did an excellent job, but then for almost $ 50,000 you certainly would expect that. The station wagon is based on a stock Daytona. The front inner panels, the door inners and door pillars as well as the front portion of the greenhouse, which includes the windshield, were left untouched. Chinetti changed the angle of the trailing edge of the door glass frame and added an all new rear end with unique "gull wing” hatches for easy curb side loading. The taillights are mounted behind the rear window glass. The front end incorporates a strip of bright orange around the nose, adding a nice dash of colour to the all-black car. For the interior, all instruments have been moved toward the center and the seats are covered with nothing less than Conolly Brothers suede. (information originally published by Manfred Lampe in “The Prancing Horse N° 45”, Winter ‘75/76)
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    Olivier B.
    This car in now in Paris, France, probably for sale, on display at a Ferrari seller garage.
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    this car was here in houston in the 80's. it was owned by someone i know. he bought the car as it made loading golf clubs a lot easier. he said the "gullwing" doors were always a problem. they lefted at speed, only being held in place by the locking mechanism.

    interestingly enough, i talked to bob gittleman's son regarding the vehicle. he still had the original drawings made for the car. his father was looking for something differnet and found it in this vehicle.
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    Now I know where AMC got their inspiration for the Gremlin and Pacer
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    Burled wood for the cargo area? Obviously a retrofit in merry old England !
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