1986 328GTS Passes Emissions

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by MManzonelli, Jun 5, 2004.

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    Mark Manzonelli
    I live in St. Louis county, Missouri and since I purchased my car, the emissions have always passed. Today I went for emissions and again passed. I wanted to share some information.

    The test puts the car on the dyno and the car is driven through a "circuit" which varies RPM and tells when the car should be shifted. I am sure the test has changed through the years and on top of that the standards have been lowered.

    July 3,2000
    Standard 1986 328GTS 32,xxx miles
    HC 2.0000 Grams/mile 0.1099 Pass
    CO 30.000 Grams/mile 0.6051 Pass
    NOx 3.0000 grams/mile 0.0681 Pass
    CO2 none 61.1173 grams/mile

    June 26, 2002
    Standard 1986 328GTS 39,xxx miles
    HC 0.8000 Grams/mile .3430 Pass
    CO 15.000 Grams/mile 3.1196 Pass
    NOx 2.0000 grams/mile 0.5104 Pass
    CO2 none 353.6548 grams/mile

    June 5, 2004
    Standard 1986 328GTS 45,xxx miles
    HC 0.8000 Grams/mile .3495 Pass
    CO 15.000 Grams/mile 3.5983 Pass
    NOx 2.0000 grams/mile 0.6238 Pass
    CO2 none 346.4499 grams/mile

    2002 and 2004 numbers are similar. The car has not gone through any tuneups or changes other than oil changes, fuel filter change and air filter change. Fuel Filter was done about two months ago. The air filter about a year ago. I plan on doing 45,xxx mile belt change and service this fall. (I have to enjoy the good weather).

    Anyone have any comments/suggestions as to what they see? Too rich? Too lean? Advice other than a spark plug change? I will be checking fuel pressure and volume as well.


    1986 328GTS
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  3. dakharris

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    Jun 7, 2001
    Sleepy Hollow
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    Cavaliere Senzatesta
    I would guess that your cat could be getting spent. I had to change mine in my '85 last year with 43,000 miles in order to pass CA Smog. If you are not the original owner, you have no idea what has been in your gas tank.
  4. don_xvi

    don_xvi F1 Rookie

    Nov 1, 2003
    Outside Detroit
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    Don the 16th
    I think I'd disregard that 2000 data.
    As I was comparing the 2002 data to it, at first I was quite surprised by the increase in numbers, till I saw the CO2 number. It shouldn't change regardless. CO2 is an indicator of how much fuel you burned during the test, so it certainly shouldn't have increased sixfold! I think the equipment from 2000 wasn't calibrated properly. My suggestion? Just go drive it!

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