For Sale 1994 Porsche 928 GTS - 40K Miles

Discussion in 'Other Cars' started by AndrewJM, May 9, 2019.

  1. AndrewJM

    AndrewJM Formula Junior

    Jun 18, 2012
    Norfolk, VA
    Listing for my parents - a 1994 Porsche 928 GTS auto. Black/Cashmere with contrasting black piping on the seats and Porsche crests embossed in the headrests (an Exclusive Department option) - I believe it is the only example made for the US market in this exact specification. ~39,800 miles. Car was featured on display at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta as the PCNA Club Car of the Month in January, 2018 - the car was displayed for the entire month of January in the museum at the Experience Center.

    There were only 406 examples of the 928 GTS sent to North America for the 1992 (early '93), 1993, 1994, and 1995 model years. 1994 is the second rarest year with only 139 examples sold - I believe 19 were early '94s (exactly the same as 1993 cars) and the remaining were "late" '94s. This is a late '94 meaning it was updated by the factory with stronger 2R connecting rods, Cup 2 style wheels, and a cabin pollen filter. These were the last updates that Porsche ever gave the 928 (there were no updates for the 1995 model year). This car has had three owners, and my family purchased it in 2015 from the second owner - also a big 928 enthusiast who owned the car for a long time.

    Car comes with the original window sticker, all books and manuals, a complete tool kit (including the often missing wheel lock cap removal tool), service history dating back to the original owner, and a rear muffler bypass which can be installed if the owner likes (car currently has the factory exhaust installed). The car is entirely original to include the CR-1 radio and CD changer, original exhaust, original wheels, original speakers, amplifier, etc.

    Recent service history since 2014 includes:
    2015 - Timing belt/water pump replacement, rebuilt tensioner installed, all new drive belts, new A/C belt, all rubber fuel lines replaced, new Bilstein struts all around, new OEM engine mounts, PSD system rebuilt, rebuilt alternator, new oil filler neck, battery and cable replaced, brake flush, flex plate checked and tension released, 4 wheel alignment. New factory rear fender liners installed (the original GTS liners tend to crack. New ones are about $500 a piece). New shift handle and boot - went ahead and splurged on a new one in case Porsche takes them out of production.

    2017 - (December) Both ignition coils replaced, new Yokohama S Drive tires installed/balanced.

    2019 - Airbag clockspring replaced, oil and filter change, car checked over for any needed items.

    Car has a clean CarFax with one minor accident reported in 2001 under the original owner. I don't know any specifics of the accident, but I believe it involved repainting the front bumper cover. I recently took a paint meter to the entire car and the only items that I believe showed readings thicker than factory were the roof and driver side rear quarter panel. The previous owner told us that he repainted a couple of panels due to pine sap damage, so I believe that's why those areas were repainted. Everything else on the car measured between 3 and 7 mils which seems to be factory. I have pictures of the readings from all panels that I can send to anyone interested. My paint meter does not take readings on plastic. The rear bumper cover and rocker panels are definitely original paint (they still had factory cosmoline overspray on them when my family purchased the car), but I am quite certain that the front bumper cover was repainted.

    The car is ready to be driven and would make a great weekend driver for someone looking to bring it to PCA shows. I won't say the car needs nothing, as anyone who is familiar with 928s understands that they are all a work-in-progress. The wheels are in great original condition with no curb rash, but have a few minor chips around the center caps - I could have them powder coated prior to sale if a buyer would like. I will complete a multi-step paint correction and ceramic coating with Gtechniq Crystal Serum topped with Gtechniq Liquid Crystal prior to sale. The car could also use a new sunroof seal - I have a new one I could install prior to sale. Other than these items, I can't think of anything the car needs.

    If anyone has any questions or would like additional pictures, please feel free to send me a message and I'll provide you with my contact info. Car is located in Virginia Beach, VA. Don't think I forgot to mention anything, so I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

    Asking: $64,000 OBO

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  3. definitelysomeday

    definitelysomeday Formula Junior

    Aug 7, 2009
    Ft. Lauderdale
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    Tom Kavan
    Beautiful car. GLWS
  4. GatorFL

    GatorFL Moderator
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    Nov 18, 2005
    Wellington, FL
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    I saw one of these in Boca this week, still a great design. GLWS
  5. PineChris

    PineChris Formula Junior

    Apr 17, 2013
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  6. Depstein15

    Depstein15 Karting

    Dec 8, 2013
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    Very nice 928GTS. I am a 928 enthusiast. Your asking price is too low assuming your car has no history that would otherwise diminish its market value. GLWS
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  8. AndrewJM

    AndrewJM Formula Junior

    Jun 18, 2012
    Norfolk, VA
    Thank you! It is priced for a (hopefully) quick sale. Other than the accident I mentioned and the paint work (they all seem to have had some paint work by now), the car has no issues that I can think of. It's a stunning example in what I think is one of the best color combinations.

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  9. ferraripete

    ferraripete F1 World Champ

  10. bocaf430

    bocaf430 Formula 3

    Jun 10, 2014
    LI, boca raton
    nice car, if I didn't have mine I would consider...
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  12. ross

    ross Three Time F1 World Champ
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    Mar 25, 2002
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    nice car. i had one in red when i was 25 - thought i was the coolest guy on my street :)
    second car i had bought myself. bought it used, kept it for 18 months, and sold it for same price as i bought it. miracle !
  13. AndrewJM

    AndrewJM Formula Junior

    Jun 18, 2012
    Norfolk, VA
    Forgot to update the thread. Sold the car a little while ago. Thanks for the comments everybody!

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