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For Sale 2004 911 Carrera Cabriolet 6-Speed

Discussion in 'Cars' started by spuckett, Mar 26, 2022.


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    2004 911 Carrera Cabriolet 6-Speed
    Auction ends Friday, April 8 at 3:30pm Eastern

    Porsche built a reputation on building the 356 sportscar which captured the hearts and imaginations of many with great ease. It was styled like nothing else on the market, moved swiftly and with purpose, handled like a go kart, was very efficient, and was of a markedly high-quality build. Despite its size, it felt solid, durable. As the 1960s began to unfold and competition such as the Jaguar E-Type and Chevrolet Corvette emerged with astonishingly styled, highly modernized bodies, Porsche needed to up their game. The 911 hit the scenes in 1964 and offered customers a beautiful update on a familiar shape. It also had a more powerful 6-cylinder engine and more refined chassis dynamics to offer better handling and stability at speed, all while retaining the signature build quality that people loved. The 911 would become the cornerstone of Porsche, its most popular and beloved model. Even when plans were to retire the 911 with the ultra-tech 928, it was not to be and the 928 simply became another Porsche model. It was the model that couldn’t be killed off, the popularity and devotion was too great. So, when it came time to buckle down and face the new safety, emissions, and efficiency requirements coming down the pipe from all over the world, Porsche, a consultancy company in its own right, turned to Toyota to guide them on modernizing their factory in Zuffenhausen to accommodate mass production and a higher level of efficiency to build a very new car. The new 911, known internally as 996, would be powered by a flat 6-cylinder engine, but it would be water cooled and host a bevy of new engineering and technology to meet the standards of the world. Introduced for 1998, the 996 911 immediately split the enthusiasts into those who shunned the new kid and those who embraced the evolution. Afterall, Porsche, especially the 911, made its name through advancements and evolution, it’s how a 6-cylinder car could compete with the likes of Ferrari, Corvette, Jaguar, and Lamborghini – engineering and evolution. The new 996 would be a world class sportscar, like it always has been, but able to compete on a more international scale, thanks to meeting various international requirements. Today’s 911, in fact, today’s Porsche, owes much of itself to the original water-cooled 996.

    Looking at a 911 is normally an unmistakable experience – even people who don’t know anything about cars can usually pick out a 911 in the parking lot. When Porsche introduced the 911 Cabriolet in 1983, it opened a whole new market for the company, people who were looking for something a little more spirited, people who were interested in the weekend getaway, people who loved the performance and quality of Porsche, but who were also inclined to sample a little more of life by letting the sun in. The 911 Cabrio has become a staple offering from Porsche since that first one was introduced so long ago. This 2004 Cabrio hails from the final year of production for the 996 911 and represents a zenith in the model.

    Finished entirely in black with silver painted wheels, the front and rear bumpers were painted in 2017, and the convertible top was replaced. The seller states that the car is very original otherwise and is without rust. Having just over 40,000 miles, the seller is the third owner who bought the car in 2016 from the second owner through a private sale. Since that time, the seller has put about 20,000 miles on the car and, by the pictures, it appears to be in exquisite shape with no discernible blemishes or defects to the paint, body, lenses, or glass except for the most minor imperfections. The convertible top also appears to be in fantastic condition.

    Much like the majority of the new-for-1998 Porsche 996 911, the interior was vastly restyled with a brand-new dashboard, center stack, console, and a new way of building the iconic car. The new interior featured a softer, more curvaceous style that broke away dramatically from the outgoing 911, the instruments were blended together yet separate, a very unique look for a 911. Again, it won friends and made enemies. This 2004 996 911 features a black interior upholstered with leather that looks very much like it just left the factory. The carpeted Porsche-branded floor mats are equally as impressive as are the switches and buttons, lenses and digital readouts – presented in a hugely original state, the AM/FM/CD stereo system remains nestled in the dashboard as it left the factory, the white buttons for the CD holders look spectacular and the entire scene appears immaculate. The seller has put about 20,000 of the 42,000 miles on the car and admits that it is in highly-original condition, but that there are no deficiencies and the car needs nothing.

    Since the first 911 was released so long ago, they have produced a sound, a recognizable, signature sound that get the juices of any motoring enthusiast going. One fear many had during the development of the water-cooled 996 911 was that the sound would be lost, something Porsche did not allow to happen. The 996 retained the sound that had become so familiar and loved. This 2004 911 is one of the last 996s built and is powered by a 3.6L flat-6 engine with a 6-speed manual transmission. Having covered around 42,500 miles from new, the seller says they put about 20,000 on the car since they acquired it in 2016, the original owner putting just 5,000 miles on it in 2-years. With records dating back to 2004, this 911 received an inspection, oil and filter change about one year ago and the seller says there are no known problems with the car.

    The 996 911 represented a dramatic change in how Porsches would be built and engineered in the future, it broke away from age-old traditions to segue the company into the future. For that, they got a lot of flak, but because of the massive investment and commitment, today’s Porsches are hugely indebted to the 996. Finding a well-kept original 996 today can be a task, as so many of them were abused through their lives compared to other 911 models. This triple black 996 Cabriolet hails from the final year of production, 2004, and appears to have been well kept by its three owners, the third of which is the seller. With just over 40,000 miles, the seller says there are no known issues and has records from both Porsche dealers and authorized service centers dating back to 2004 attesting to the care and condition of this car. The paint is all original except for the front and rear bumpers, the wheels are finished in silver metallic and look spectacular – all things considered, we think finding a cleaner one would be difficult at best.
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