2004 Ferrari Parts & Service Customer Satisfaction Ratings

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    Russ Turner
    Since I have dealt with numerous Ferrari market business, thought I would relay my ratings based on my one criteria: they did what they said they would do - pretty straightforward, although I can be a difficult customer. Will have a 5 star system with 5 stars being the best. Three stars is average, one star is 'could use some improvement'. Just my humble opinion here and not meant to be an all inclusive list, and hope it is taken constructively as I understand it is a difficult market.

    ***** Carobu Engineering: Tate Casey is great, helpful, returns emails and phone calls promptly; great place.
    ***** Ansa Automotive: Paul Berry likewise - easy to work with, returns calls and emails promptly, goes the extra mile
    ***** Mallory: Automotive Major manufacturer treated me great and turned a major distributor re-work in a week for $50
    ***** Pierce Manifolds: Excellent HELPFUL Staff; promptly return calls and emails; Rocket fast service. Expensive, but worth it.
    ***** Durable 1: Kermit has delivered fast turnaround on some excellent custom products; Promptly returns emails.
    ***** Ferrari UK: Excellent service and 2 day delivery on parts not otherwise available; Most entertaining staff award.
    ***** Tire Rack: Duh. Although I will say expertise is extremely dependant on who you talk to.
    ****1/2 Norwood Performance: No one more expert or helpful than James Patterson; excellent product; they are so busy it sometimes it's tough for them to meet timelines - but they do deliver a fantastic product - and extra points for thinking outside the box - the best place on the planet for that.
    **** Tubistyle USA: Frank Yarde is great to deal with; like Norwood, difficult with their volume to be prompt all the time.
    **** Nick's Forza Ferari: Nick was always great on the phone, returns emails well.. Never had anything that I needed so don't know about delivery.
    *** T Rutlands Nice staff, but Ted often failed to return calls and said they sent out an order several times when they did not. Have also recieved the wrong part from them despite giving them a part #, but they did make it right. The other staff have been quite helpful and are great to work with. The secret may be to just work with the staff.
    ** Stebro: Dan is a nice guy, good to work with, but same deal as Rutlands - numerous missed delivery dates, EXTREMELY difficult to get on the phone, unreliable email response. Very nice product, but you get the feeling that his shop doesn't keep up to his delivery requirements. Non deliveries cost me a lot of cancelled shop appointments. Expect slow delivery of good product.
    *1/2 GT Auto Parts: GREAT prices, great availability, excellent parts, but one large order I had took Bill 6 months to fill, and many missed delivery date promises. Wish he would have told me that up front. It took a phone call from Chuck Wray at Grand Touring to get him to ship.

    Not rated:
    Elgin Cams: Dema has been good to work with and very knowledgeable, but a shop machine failure and illness set his delivery to me back weeks, so hard to know. Slow in answering emails, but eventually does. Has been swamped trying to catch up. I would definitely go back, however.

    Top Ferrari Performance guys in the USA Award: Would have to share this award between James Patterson and Tate Casey. Both are incredible.

    Would also have to put in a good word for Grand Touring in Laurel - they are terrific, brilliant work, but it's getting tougher to get in.

    Anyway, just my experience. Would love to hear yours.
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    *****ANSA Paul Berry, I too had great response from him on resto products for my old system. He sent this post haste at no cost!!

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