2005 F430 - Added 1,000 Miles in 24 hours

Discussion in '360/430' started by VAF84, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. VAF84

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    Well fellow Fchatters, in what is likely to be the most time I'll ever have to drive my new car, I put 1,000 miles on my new to me 2005 F430. While it's not the first Ferrari I've driven, it's my first Ferrari purchase, and it fulfilled one of my childhood dreams.

    I left the Luxury Auto Collection dealership in Scottsdale, AZ and drove it to Austin, TX with a quick overnight stop in Alpine, TX near big bend. The car left AZ with 22,6xx miles.

    I know many owners stress out about mileage, and whether these cars are capable of long drives, but hopefully this puts some people at ease. Thought I'd write a little about my thoughts and experience.

    The car:
    • Comfort - I'm 5'10, average weight, and felt comfortable for about 6 hours of straight driving, without cruise control, however I really started hurting at about 8hrs.
    • The car drove well. The weather was cool/cold. Wind was gusty, yet the car was planted. Temp/pressure gauges remained normal for the entire drive, even during hard driving.
    • The car drove exceptionally well. Speeds between 75-95 for most of the regular driving, however I did get to push the limits between Alpine and Fort Stockton. On the first day I drove 10 hours straight (only stopping for gas, and snacks). Followed by six hours of sleep at the Hampton Inn in Alpine, TX, before an hour of hard runs in the desert and 5 more hours of highway back to Austin.
    • Happy to report, no mechanical incidents. Just an electrical gremlin, the trunk light stayed on for a short period which I've read is an issue. However, the car still allowed me to engage the gear and drive with it on (after some fiddling it eventually went a way, looks like a loose connection).
    • The stock radio was mostly useless for the trip. I can't figure out if it has bluetooth or not, but I used some Bose noise cancelling headphones to make calls, and as a respite from the road noise. I just found out that the previous owner had unplugged the vacuum lines and plugged the hoses to maintain pressure. That didn't surprise me; I'd questioned the sales person as to whether it had aftermarket headers because its seemed louder than stock, and the muffler was stock, now I know why.
    Ferrari and public interaction:
    • Some people would try to keep up and take pics, also the occasional person who I could tell wanted to a little show to which I obliged (if the road was clear). One person brought their kiddo out to see the car and I waved them over so they could look inside. I let the kiddo have a seat in the car. Mostly positive reactions in a variety of settings.
    • Only negative thing - At some point between Scottsdale and El Paso someone stole the paper plates and the rear K40 radar detector. In fact, I had no clue this happened until I got to Austin. Whoever did, was quick. I just remember that the radar was suddenly telling me that the rear radar was disconnected. Being a new (to me) car, I thought this was an issue with the wiring. Turns out all of it was gone.
    • No one bothered the car at the hotel, but I arrived late and left early.
    Overall, I would (hopefully will) do it again, but with more time to enjoy the scenery and the drive. For those on the fence, I wouldn't hesitate to take a well maintained F430 on a cross country road trip. My only regret is not taking a pic of the car as the sun rose in west Texas, with mountains in the background, and miles of empty road in either direction.

    For now, this stallion is in its new stable, and I've begun working to unearth whatever issues may be been hidden away. We've already started taking things apart and making a to do list to identify any critical items to address them.
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  3. PitDoggie

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    Jun 21, 2014
    Santa Barbara, Ca
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    Paul Williams
    Awesome write up...
    Currently doing a service to mine (every fluid, including f1 pump.. make sure the f1 screen is clean) and then driving mine from CA to TX and back... was wondering about comfort... cool to hear...
    Mine has 43k on it.. friend I met on here has 137k.. just drive it he said.. and follow the service guide.... excited...

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  4. cy0811

    cy0811 Rookie

    Feb 7, 2004
    Great story and info....I assume this is a coupe.

    Please post pics
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  5. Bill ochrane

    Bill ochrane Karting

    Oct 26, 2018
    Galveston, Texas
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    William Cochrane
    Very good post. Especially the part about letting the kid sit in your car. By the way, you have a Ferrari F430 nerd in Austin that you might want to meet. I'm sure that Dan (Normal Guy Supercar / Utube) would like to meet you to.
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  6. Bob in Texas

    Bob in Texas Formula 3
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    Apr 23, 2012
    Just East of Weird
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    Another Ferrari in Austin! Awesome! Make sure you sign up with the Ferrari Club, there’s always something going on and you’ll meet a bunch of us including our now (in)famous Ferrari Youtuber, Dan.

    It was very interesting to hear about your trip as I was planning to make the trip in the opposite direction from Austin as the Ferrari club has their annual meet in Scottsdale in November.

    Don’t be a stranger on here and post some pictures. A new owner/car thread isn’t any good without pics! Welcome!

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  8. VAF84

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    #6 VAF84, Jan 22, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
    @PitDoggie - That's what we're doing now. Ordered the oil change kit, intake air filters, and 2 bottles of 5075 Fiat Tutella Fluid for the F1 from Ricambi; as well as new spark plugs from Rock Auto. Seller claims to have replaced both fuel pumps, so that's good. However, car was on the low end of acceptable oil fill on the dipstick when I arrived to Austin. I wish I had checked the oil before leaving to see if it was like that before the long drive. They claimed a fresh service, but I don't think it included the oil and filter change. Additionally, the previous owner blacked out all of the side markers and tail lights, but I think I want to revert them all to stock. Since some of them have the broken bracket issue, I may have to replace them anyway. I'm also thinking of replacing the headers probably next year as preventative maintenance.

    @cy0811 - Thanks! Yes, this is a coupe. Wish I had taken more pics, but only took a couple that I'll post. I had an awful video from my phone holder of when I launched it in West Texas, but it wouldn't let me load it.

    @Bill ochrane - I appreciate it. I really enjoy the fact that this car can bring joy to others. I remember being young, and getting so excited when seeing an exotic car on the road, especially a Ferrari. I would have been overjoyed for someone to let me get into the car and look around. It's also a good opportunity to reinforce to these young kids that hard work and persistence can pay off, so maybe I can help be a source of motivation. I'll have to reach out to Dan. I think I've actually seen some of his YouTube video's (red Ferrari F430). I split my time between Houston and Austin (mostly Houston), so maybe on one of my trips home.

    @Bob in Texas - Bob, thanks for the welcome! Anything I can do to grow the Austin Ferrari base, lol! I'll probably be joining the FCA, I was just looking at the membership. If you have any questions about the drive to Scottsdale, let me know! There's one section between Tucson and Las Cruces, pretty sure it was on the Arizona side, that had a ton of loose gravel. About 4 miles of cringing as I was showered by small rocks. Aside from that, everything was good!

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  9. Texas Turbo

    Texas Turbo Formula Junior

    Jan 30, 2004
    Austin, TX
    Congrats! Great looking car... and yes, another Ferrari in Austin is always a good thing! Welcome!
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  10. tomc

    tomc Two Time F1 World Champ

    Apr 13, 2014
    DFW, Texas
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    Tom C
    Great roads and in a Ferrari even more special. Congrats on the new car...T
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  11. CarAholic

    CarAholic Formula Junior

    May 10, 2016
    Congrats on the car you’ll love her. As far as the oil is concerned did you check it when it was cold or when the car was fully warmed up with the engine running? The oil is supposed to be checked fully warmed up with the car running due to the dry sump. So if you checked it cold that’s why it was down at the bottom of the stick.

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  13. E60 M5

    E60 M5 Moderator
    Moderator Owner

    Jan 2, 2006
    Wash DC area
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    Beautiful car, the silver is very badass/elegant all at once!!

    Great story, glad it was relatively trouble free!!

    Don't live in fear, just go drive and enjoy!
  14. Bas

    Bas Three Time F1 World Champ

    Mar 24, 2008
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    Nice! Good write up....happy you're driving it!
  15. efg2014

    efg2014 Formula Junior

    Sep 14, 2014
    Northern California
    Thanks for sharing. Wondering if you had stayed at a hotel with secure parking if that would have avoid the theft.
  16. VAF84

    VAF84 Formula 3
    Silver Subscribed

    @CarAholic - Good point, honestly I cannot recall at this time, but I'm fairly certain it was warm.

    @E60 M5 - Thanks! Honestly, I didn't set out for this color combo, but when I ran into it I got the same impression, and decided it was the right one. Very unique combo, yet classic.

    @efg2014 - To be honest, I wondered the same. However, I was having the "rear radar disconnected" warning during the second portion of my first day of the drive. I remember turning off the K40 system using the remote because it was getting annoying. At the time I was so focused on making up lost time and reaching my checkpoint goal for the night, as well as the excitement of the new car, that I didn't really think to stop and check. I was already expecting surprises when I picked up the car, so I chalked it up as something to check when I got home. Anyway, only three places it could have happened. The Target in Scottsdale, a Shell station in Benson, AZ, or Rudy's in El Paso. My money is on Target. That was my longest stop, and I backed into the parking spot providing some cover. Some noticeable transients in the area too. However, I had a police cruiser or two pass me early in my trip and I didn't get pulled over. That sort of leaves Benson, AZ and El Paso. El Paso is the second most likely because that was the second longest I left the car unattended, and it was night by then. I am positive I was turning the system off by dark (when I was in the El Paso area), which means it couldn't have happened overnight. Usually I'm pretty good at noting these things, but I was exhausted and wrapping up a "marathon" week of work and getting out there to get the car.

    In my opinion, I think I felt more secure at the Hampton Inn in Alpine, TX than any hotel inside the loop in the Houston area.
  17. Flyingbrick242

    Flyingbrick242 Formula Junior
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    Feb 26, 2017
    So. Cal
    I love this write once again validates if we buy a well cared for Ferrari these vehicles are in every way ment to be driven,!
    I agree with the OP the F430 is a very comfortable long distance vehicle...
    Thank You for sharing your experience.
    Just out of curiosity what was your avg mpg..? That is if you paid any attention to it...
  18. VAF84

    VAF84 Formula 3
    Silver Subscribed

    Thanks @Flyingbrick242!

    I got 8.2 mpg from Alpine (filled up the tank here) to Fort Stockton, but that was 67 miles of empty road and loads of fun.

    Fort Stockton (filled up again) to Harper, TX was 16 mpg, that was easy driving between 75-95 mph on I-10 and 290. I filled up in Fort Stockton and was running pretty low on gas (still figuring out the fuel level indicator, I think I had two bars left) after 236 miles (14.8 gallons).

    Unfortunately I didn’t track the mpg on the first day which would have provided a much better average.

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  19. Pedro MD

    Pedro MD Rookie

    Sep 22, 2017
    El Paso, TX
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    Great story and congrats on your new 430! I live in El Paso and I recently made the 6 hr journey to Scottsdale for annual service. I too had no issues on the road, except for the occasional tumble weed I had to dodge lol (seriously). These cars are very comfortable, and although the stock radio sucks for those long trips, you can just get an iphone adapter off ebay. Enjoi your F car!
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  20. The4DA

    The4DA Karting

    Aug 31, 2018
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    Nice story and congrats on the car! Glad to see you didn't have any issues on the trip home. Buddy of mine bought a 911 in Cali and drove it back to DFW. Something hit the front bumper and actually put a slight hole in it! Enjoy the car.
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