2005 Ferrari 575 GTC

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    Chassis 2224 was delivered to Antonin Herbeck of the Czech Republic ahead of the 2005 season. In fact it was the very last 575 GTC built, so is known as an ʻEvoluzioneʼ. Herbeck created his own team, called Rock Media Motors, to run the car and elected to contest the 2005 CSAI Italian GT Championship. Herbeck enlisted the services of Italian ex-F1 and Champ Car driver Andrea Montermini, who by 2005 had spent many years in endurance racing.

    The season featured seven rounds, each with two races, at Imola, Misano, Vallelunga, Monza, Hungaroring, Magione and Mugello. Interestingly only qualifying occurred for the first round, with the races being cancelled due to the death of the Pope John Paul II. The GT1 class that year was hotly contested and the Rock Media duo managed to qualify inside the top ten six times across the season including a pole position and a 2nd on the grid, finishing inside the top ten three times. Not a bad performance at all considering Herbeck was in only his second season of racing! Rock Media also contested their home round of the FIA GT Championship, the ʻBrno Supercar 500ʼ, with 2224 in June where they finished 10th overall.

    Throughout the year 2224 received various upgrades as they became available including suspension parts and a new rear wing. Herbeck contested Round 1 of the 2006 Italian GT Championship at Imola with Richard Lietz as co-driver, where 2224 was painted yellow. Following this it was retired to Rock Media Motors collection because the Pagani Zonda GR Herbeck has since become so well known for racing across eastern Europe had been readied. Whilst its racing history may not feature major international events like some other 575 GTCs, 2224 has the unique distinction of being the very last front-engined and also the last V12 racing car built and sold by Ferrari (since the FXX and XXK cars were track specials only, never homologated for racing). This car effectively heralds the end of a competitive chapter that defined the marque from the very beginning and its significance is not to be underestimated. Indeed the V12 configuration was one that defined Ferrariʼs image during the 1950s-1970s which were arguably the marqueʼs most significant decades for endurance racing.

    2224 has been well maintained since its retirement, and will be sold in good working order and with a new safety fuel cell. The car presents in fantastic condition and includes various spares, including a complete second engine, in itself a very rare item indeed. The engine that is fitted to the car has around 6 hours running time, whilst the spare is rebuilt. The car is eligible for a variety of series including Peter Auto's Endurance Racing Legends, Masters Endurance Legends and Ferrari's Club Competizione GT.

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    What is the market value now of such a car? $1m?
  4. ewright

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    I don't think a million will do it when it comes to V12 racing cars, even for those without an impressive pedigree of races/wins.
  5. notsofast

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    Richard Lietz of Porsche factory driver fame drove this? That’s something of note considering he’s been with Porsche for as long as I can remember.

    These factory 575s are bitter sweet for me. It was great to see Ferrari officially build something for the GTS class (not forgetting the N Technology built 550s) but the car was found lacking in competition especially compared to the Prodrive 550s which weren’t Ferrari blessed albeit tolerated.
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  6. Ferrari 308 Vetro

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    Close to 2!

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