2006 Ferrari F430 Spider - Los Angeles CA - Must Sell

Discussion in 'Ferraris' started by zakiu, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. RossoC360

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    I have both of those things :) PM me if you get to parts car money.
  2. ///Art

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    Oct 15, 2014
    Magnetic Valve Connection
    Pressure Difference Control

    These two together mean you have air in the system. Believe it or not, a simple activation of the bleed procedure while vehicle is idling fixes this issue. A lot of people tend to start replacing solenoids and or sensors when no necessary.
  3. whatheheck

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    Mar 27, 2006
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    Dan L.
    Good lord........Sorry to hear that.

    Wishing you the best.

  4. Cigarzman

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    May 7, 2014
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    Man , I remember when this story broke. I feel so badly for you to get burnt like this. Not sure I can be of any help but , you are welcome to pm me anytime. You may wanna give a shout to Mike at Yellow Compass cars. See what advice he can offer. Best , Kirk
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  5. natman316

    natman316 Formula Junior

    Jul 20, 2015
    sorry to hear you got scammed by a member :(

    If you decide to part her out or fix her up, you could try to contact FerrParts in Sacramento. Great guy to work with and very reasonable prices as far as servicing
  6. Tim1137

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    Woof, damn this is unfortunate to hear. I am actually in the market for a car just like this (red/tan spider with some things wrong for a good price), but I think this car is even a bit more than I want to handle at what you looking to get for it.

    How is the exterior cosmetic condition? Bumper paint etc. Has it ever been repaired from the cone damage lol?
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  8. dhari

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    Jan 24, 2011
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    Deepak Hari
    I commend your restraint and focus on selling rather than dwelling on the past.
    I'm sending good vibes to you brother! :)
    Good luck with the sale!
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  9. aventari

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    Dec 9, 2010
    San Diego
    Sorry to hear about your troubles. This is like every online buyer's nightmare.

    Kudos to you for honesty though!
  10. TG

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    Oct 26, 2004
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    Taylor Good
    That is also where he serviced it exclusively.

    Shower thought:
    Who knows the relationship of previous seller and the dealership. For a PPI, seems that taking to a truly independent source is the route to go, despite FoLI having had performed prior service.
  11. zakiu

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    Jul 31, 2016
    #35 zakiu, Nov 8, 2017
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    TG, I appreciate your participation in thread! I'd like to avoid discussion of the prior owner at this time. However to make sure nobody is misled, I need to correct your statement. It is where he stated it was serviced exclusively. Ferrari Dealerships do not use Autolite spark plugs, which is what were in it when it arrived here in LA.

    I'd like to avoid speculation / discussion of the prior owner and any of his relationships at this time and any discussion of that can be handled with me via PM. Thanks :)
  12. TG

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    Oct 26, 2004
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    Taylor Good
    Understood, and also not trying to make it about the past. Sorry it did not work out as one expects. Cheers
  13. Stentboy

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    May 8, 2008
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    Unless I have a close personal relationship with the person doing the vouching it is meaningless to me and even then I take it with a grain of salt. There many people too quick with ignorant counsel and recommendations.
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  15. zakiu

    zakiu Rookie
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    Jul 31, 2016
    Its not a problem, but things are still ongoing and I am trying to limit discussion here as there is a separate thread related to fraud and this is a for sale thread.

    Yes I have. Your market assessment is blatantly false.

    Thanks. The constant talk about his 2-3k posts (false, he has ~1200) and how that makes him credible (false) is silly. It is very easy to show up at cars and coffee with donuts for everyone and boost a post count.
  16. godabitibi

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    Jan 11, 2012
    La Sarre, Quebec, Ca
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    Claude Laforest
    One thing is sure about you zakiu, you're very transparent about the car condition. The next buyer will know exactly what he's buying.
    This car will find the right buyer.
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  17. zakiu

    zakiu Rookie
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    Jul 31, 2016
    I noticed PhilB's false post was deleted. I was under the impression that this is not allowed. Can someone please help me understand where the information meant? I may need it in the future. Thanks.
  18. PhilB

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    Feb 17, 2004
    NYC, USA
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    Woa, easy there, I wasn't being blatant or false. I happen to think you have a very nice 430 and I was trying to be encouraging and offered you another option you may not have thought of. I see your car as having a lot more value than your asking price. Despite what you went through with the person you bought the car from, there are a lot of shops out there that are trustworthy and could straighten out anything you would want done to the car to shorten the list you posted, and strengthen your asking price. Do a search yourself CarGurus and Autotrader and look for similar mileage cars, and see what you see. You're being very transparent with your sale - if I was a buyer I'd consider that a checkbox in the "pro" column. Don't give it away, there's nothing wrong with a "fully sorted" car.

    Anyway, like I said good luck.
  19. zakiu

    zakiu Rookie
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    Jul 31, 2016
    Have you considered doing an Autotrader search on your own to verify your statements before posting them for all to see? You said market value for this vehicle is up to 135k. Now you maintain your false claims in my thread, trying to make it about you and your opinion, telling me to do the search because you can't be bothered. There is not a single red 2006 F430 Spider F1 for sale cross country on Autotrader for over 130k, regardless of mileage.

    I appreciate your effort to assist, however you are not providing the assistance you think and instead you are providing false information to my potential buyers and demanding unwarranted attention. Please take the attitude somewhere else as it is not welcome in this thread. If you have a need to communicate you can PM me. I am very wary of anyone posting from the NYC area especially considering you have posts in the same threads as the last owner. No offense. PM me if you have further questions or concerns. I sent you a PM
  20. Stanley Kendall

    Stanley Kendall Karting

    Oct 22, 2017
    Ouch! Horrible story. I assume you’re suing the POS seller?
  21. dm_n_stuff

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    Dec 10, 2003
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    Dave M.
    His post was deleted by a moderator.
  22. rumen1

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    Jun 23, 2012
    This car has issues, but they don't seem to be so big after all. Parting it will be stupid.
  23. Themaven

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    Nov 2, 2014
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    I may have missed this, but have you sent your own PPI to Ferrari of Long Island who did the PPI when you had not taken delivery of the car?

    I would like to hear how they assess the discrepancies. Many Ferrari dealers are upstanding businesses (particularly under the scrutiny of us ;)) and might like to assess how they came to such a different conclusion.

    In any case it would be good to hear what they say when shown the evidence.

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