For Sale 2019 488 GTB ROSSO SCUDERIA /Black roof (NEW condition w/only 600mi) save $40k off sticker!!! Loaded

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    Hope everyone is well!

    **Opportunity to save $40,000 off sticker for a stunning highly-optioned ROSSO SCUDERIA 488 GTB that was barely driven. **

    This is a listing for a like-NEW condition - 600 mile, 2019 Ferrari 488 GTB coupe. I bought this stunning highly optioned 488 GTB brand new and have owned it for only 6 months. I've absolutely enjoyed pampering this car and am now selling to make room.

    What you read in this listing and see in the photos is exactly what you get. This car is absolutely showroom condition. This is a private-party, non-dealer listing. Please e-mail or call me (contact information below) with any questions. Thanks for looking!

    MILEAGE: 600 miles

    ASKING PRICE: $294,000
    Total original MSRP: $333,758

    *SAVINGS of $40,000 off sticker for a like-BRAND NEW FERRARI*

    LOCATION: Dallas, Texas

    OWNERSHIP: One owner. Purchased new from Boardwalk Ferrari in Dallas, Texas. Owned for only 6 months. No liens. Clean title in hand.

    • Rosso Scuderia exterior color, with Factory Black Roof (STUNNING!!!)
    • Nero leather interior color with Rosso stitching.
    • Carbon Fiber Bucket Race Seats (Goldrake Design)
    • Carbon Fiber steering wheel, drive zone, interior
    • Extensive Carbon Fiber exterior
    • Scuderia Shields
    • Front Lifter
    • Many more...Please see extensive full list of options.

    CONDITION: Literally a like-brand new flawless 488GTB. Since day one, I completely babied this car. Full inspection just completed at Dealer in preparation for sale. No paintwork, no collisions, no dings, no dents. No curb rash on wheels. Clean Carfax. All functions work properly, including buttons, lights, radio, etc. Car tracks straight with no vibrations. F1 gearbox works perfectly with quick, clean shifts, and no slipping. Brake pedal is firm. No odors in the car. No aftermarket modifications. Zero track time.

    WARRANTY: Balance of Factory Warranty and option to purchase OFFICIAL FERRARI extended warranty.

    MAINTENANCE: All maintenance was done at Dealer. All documents since new are available and in hand.

    ALSO INCLUDED: Original Ferrari car cover, battery tender, factory photo album (photos of this very car being built on the production line), two keys, owner’s manual with folio.

    TERMS: I am an individual, private seller. The sale will be processed through Boardwalk Ferrari at no additional cost to the buyer. Competitive financing is available through Boardwalk Ferrari.

    Market Analysis:
    As of June 2020, there are only 20 2019 Model year 488 GTB coupes available in the country ( Of the 20 cars, only 4 car are Red/Rosso (without salvage titles). Rosso Scuderia with Factory Black Roof is a stunning color combination that pops! The only other Rosso Scuderia with factory Black Roof car is listed for $348,678 at Ferrari of Seattle, $50,000 more than my car. The other 3 red 488 GTB's selling for just slightly less have either higher milage or way less options (much lower sticker, no Carbon Race seats or Front lifter). Also in 2020, Ferrari stopped production for 2 months. Unless you already have a build spot for an F8 Tributo, they are quoting a 2 year wait! This delay on F8 deliveries is said to help sustain late model 488 GTB residuals because dealers have not had any new cars to sell for months.

    CONTACT : 817.829.0808 and

    I am happy to answer any additional questions. Thanks for looking!

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    Stunning 488 for sure free bump for the OP and GLWS.
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    Agreed, this is a very nice example. GLWS
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    Scott S
    Dry cool with black roof

    Baby LaF.

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    nice car glws
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    Beautiful spec! Good luck with the sale!
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    I checked out this vehicle in person. It’s beautiful and literally brand new, but wrong timing for me. Glws
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