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  1. FerrariFR33458

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    Hello everyone. The 2019 car season is almost here. What events are you most looking forward too? I always enjoy Spring Thaw, Hunt Valley, and a nice ride up to Pennsylvania Concours. What are you most looking forward to and why? I can not forget that F1 will be amazing as usual.
  2. Fast Rev

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    Feb 4, 2007
    Linthicum, MD
    Good question.
    I always enjoy the Radcliffe Motorcar Italian Car show. This year on 4 May.
    Its is a casual low-key event.

    I also go to the Hornet's Nest Swap meet and AACA Car Show at the Charlotte Speedway; this year 4-7 Apr.
    This event is huge. I always come home with a truck full of "stuff" and there are fabulous cars on display.
    Admittedly, not many Ferraris but a great event.

    I am not one to stand around, kick tires, scratch and sniff. I spend as many weekends as possible at the Drag Strip.
    I stick with NHRA tracks and can be found at the Mason Dixon Dragway in Boonsboro

    If you are into Hotrods, Jalopyrama is a must on 27 Apr. One of the best shows on the East Coast.
    This year's event will feature Gassers, Dragsters, and vintage Race Cars.
    I work this event and we raise thousands of dollars for a local hospital
    This is typically American-centric and you will not find a Ferrari here; sorry.

    This year, the wife and I are heading to the USGP in Austin.

    My yearly car events (with the exception of the USGP) always end with a trip to Hershey for the AACA Eastern National Meet.
    This is arguably the largest gathering of antique cars in the world.
  3. Devilsolsi

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    For me...IMSA events. Car shows are fun, but seeing the cars in action on track is a lot more fun. Will be at Daytona next week, and hopefully a few other races later this year.
  4. srephwed

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    fred brown
    Not really an exotic event but Cecil County Dragway has a huge car show with a swap meet and nostalgic drag racing. Our Mondial always draws a crowd and the race track food is great
  5. Mr. Francesco

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    Mr. Francesco
    Looking forward to the CF Charities Car Show. I went the last two years and it's a well done event that supports a worthwhile cause.

    Hoping Radwood comes back to Philly this year. Their event at the Naval Base last year was an excellent time.
  6. mustbenuts

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    May 14, 2017
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  7. mdsassaman

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    Mike Sassaman
    The PA Concours is rumored to be held in Skippack, PA this year on May 19. Sponsored by Algar and organized by the Penn/Jersey FCA. Finding any info is nearly impossible.
  8. colombo2cam

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    Ted Reimel

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