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Discussion in '206/246' started by 19633500GT, Mar 2, 2020.

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    So, annoyingly, I keep getting emails from a "broker" that this car is for sale.

    He says it is at the factory currently, receiving $1MM of re-commissioning.

    What is the backstory (beyond the link) of #026? What a gorgeous car btw.

    Here's the email I get.

    I am direct to the owner of this rare Ferrari race car. The car is nearly done undergoing a $1,000,000 Classiche at the factory now.

    He is willing to sell it. He was going to the factory this month to check progress, but has postponned the trip due to the contageon in Italy.

    He is a doctor and can not afford to be quarenteened for weeks upon return with his patient appointments.

    Will be expensive, but perfect, only have one person to tip for the intro.

    This is something special. Same guy wants to buy a Porsche 908 race car, and just purchased the number 0003 Lamborghini Miura Prototype."

    Frankly, I don't believe any emails there's that LOL.

    @Marcel Massini any thoughts on this one?
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    Sounds like scam to me, like you i dont trust emails anymore or anything on social media.

    If he was the genuine owner i would expect a little more intro rather than straight to the point!!
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