250 GT SWB 'revival'

Discussion in 'Recreations & Non-Period Rebodies' started by DanNE, Feb 17, 2019.

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    The cache and hence value in these particular replica's is the fact the chassis number is from an original Ferrari 250 series car, I don't see GTO deviating from that with their examples.

    Lack of suitable donors, now that values have risen significantly in recent years even for basket cases is more than likely why they are developing their ground up new build Moderna, as it will start to not make financial sense to use a restorable 250 series car going forward into the future.

    The 250 GTE is no longer regarded as the chunky ginger step child in the classic Ferrari line up, like it used to be value wise.

    However if genuine SWB supply dries up as they get hoarded as assets and or prices continue to rocket then so will the asking price of the copies, so those offended by the use of nicer 250 series cars simply need to buy them up instead and restore them!
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    Sep 25, 2012
    I own one. They are around £650k in UK and sell before they hit the market. New build around £800k.
    Several of the cars racing at Goodwood are actually GTO or have their engines.
    They are a great bit of kit and you get a genuine 1960’s V12 Ferrari driving experience otherwise not available for sub £10m.
    I also have a Superformance GT40 continuation.
    In addition to an F40, and several real Ferraris.
    Several Ferrari collectors have or have had one.
    Based off a car that’s already a gonner

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    Jan 22, 2017
    I am seriously considering it. Told them it has to be an unrestorable car and 250. I drive my cars, 812 GTS has 5k miles, Roma close to the same, others regularly used . I can’t stomach the idea of spending 10m on a car and Then driving the hell out of it, let alone racing. I wouldn’t buy a singer version of a Ferrari but GTO is working to recreate a body and car and that are as close as possible to original…not a resto mod. If it keeps that glorious Columbo v12 on the road…I say all the power to them. Didn’t Enzo say that he sells us an engine and throws in a body for free….well, I am going to upgrade the body and use the motor to its fullest. Plus…didn’t scagliette build a bunch of these bodies. Maybe it’s just more old school when you would to a coach builder. Either way, I see it as a tribute as long as they aren’t dismantling sound cars. And for what I am getting as an estimate for a donor….it’s in really bad shape. And as a foot note GTO has been restoring many priceless Ferrari’s for years and they have noted, on some of the more expensive, they have taken the engine out and crated it only to put in a different engine that can blow and the world won’t end. Seems to be a bit of the other side of the sword. My 2 cents
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    From what i remember they can build on nothing at all other than a Ferrari identity so yes it could be on a Mondial or 308 chassis. Everything else would be build from new so no GTE or PF coupe butchered or reborn as a SWB.
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    Maybe an odd (but perhaps not a new) question - to have the original VIN applied, is there a specific part of the donor car that is needed? Can someone remove the frame to create and register a replica in one jurisdiction, while another person buys the complete body and uses it to commission a frame in another with the same VIN?

    Next to my warehouse where I store my cars a neighbour has dumped a complete 365GT body outside near the trash where it has been sitting for almost 2 years…
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    Its a total legal mine field and legal challenges and uncertainties abound. The legality of the whole thing would concern me as I understand the rules. For the same money - say GBP 800 K why not get a real Daytona and a real Dino.
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