288 GTO stolen in Germany

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    Christoph Kozub
    And found again by police
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    How crass to even put insurance fraud as an option of what happened without any evidence whatsoever.
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    Is the car found and safe now ?
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    Well, if you read german, there is some information available on the net.
    To sum it up...

    The car was stolen on Monday, May 13th during a test drive at about lunch hour; after tanking at a petrol station, the driver (appointed by the seller) who was driving up to the tanking stop, switched seats with the prospective buyer (passenger until that point); about half an hour later, at about 14:15 locally, the prospective buyer (driving) said he wanted to switch seats back to be passsenger again. He stopped the car, the representative of the seller (now passenger) climbed out to change seats and take the wheel again, whereas "the prospective buyer" slammed the passenger door from the inside and took off on the nearest highway, direction South of Düsseldorf.
    The Police found the car again at the end of yesterday's (= Tuesday, May 14th) afternoon, in a suburb part of Düsseldorf called Grevenbroich; the car was inside a garage, according to what the german press reports from the police this morning. For the sake of protecting the enquiry, this is all the information that the police will provide.
    So the car is found and safe indeed.

    According to what the german press reported yesterday, the seller said that the prospective buyer was very knowledgeable about the 288 GTO, had been exchanging with the seller through E-Mails for about ten days, asking numerous questions, but couldn't find a slot in his schedule to visit the seller for seeing the car until Monday, May 13th. They agreed on a visit, and the seller said that they had a "good feeling" about the man and no reason to be wary; he asked many questions, mainly about how and by whom the car would be delivered to him. According to the german press, and depending on the newspaper you read, the guy spoke German, but either with a spanish accent, or with a french North-African accent, or with a North-African accent...

    That's about all we know.

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    Image Unavailable, Please Login German police say the suspect has vanished without a trace, but have released this photo. May I suggest they look...IN A VAN, DOWN BY THE RIVER!?!?
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    reminds me of the guy who stole the F50 from Algar years ago and then ironically turned up here owned by another member. crazy stuff.
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    Duplicating my post in the "General Forum", just in case...

    A few more snippets of information this morning, but nothing "material" really...

    The car was found on Tuesday at 17:45 (so, about 30 hours after having been stolen) thanks to a witness who identified it and called the Police; it was inside a closed garage, which lies about 25 kilomètres (or fifteen miles if you prefer...) from the place where the car was stolen. As can be expected (I told you "Nothing material...")...the Police is now trying to identify who had access to this garage, and collects fingerprints the car to identify the thief, whose identity remains unknown to this day.


    For our F-Chatters friends who wants to practice their German:

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