3-point belt AND 4-point harness

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by bccars, Sep 3, 2020.

  1. bccars

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    Jun 26, 2015
    In the midengined Ferrari's, I always see either the 3-point safety belt or the 4-point safety harness. I'm well aware of the pros and cons of both. Thing is, I want both systems in place at the same time, so I can choose which one to use according to the use case.
    Everyone keeps telling me that is impossible. But I once saw a advert for a Pista that had both, so I'm pretty sure it must be doable, but obviously that advert is long gone so I have no proof.
    Anyone here has any info on how to get both systems in the car ?
    Many thanks.
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  3. Ferrari Tech

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    Mar 5, 2010
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    Wade Williams
    I did this for a couple of Scuds some time back. I built a bar that attached to the shoulder belt mount and had struts that extended to the floor and attached to a plate under the seat. The struts kept the bar from rotating as it was attached only to the shoulder belt mount point. The race shoulder belts wrapped around the bar and the lap belts doubled with the original seat belts. I had a anti-sub belt mounted to a plate bolted under the seat as well. It can be done, but it is a bit of work and figuring to make it fit without causing and damage or modifications to any original panels.

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