308/328 Plenum Removal

Discussion in '308/328' started by desire308, Mar 22, 2008.

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    Someone had asked [I think Doug328] if there was a way to safeguard from dropping the spacers hidden in the rubber gaskets from dropping into the intake manifold when removing/installing the plenum.

    Make cardboard rectangles just big enough to cover the openings [2" x 3.5 " worked for me] with a tab of painters tape attached to each. Pull the plenum up stop at about 1/4" from the manifold. Slip in the card board, tape them down and once all 4 are in place it safe to remove.
    When you install the plenum put a dab of sealer on the spacers to keep them from falling out. Once the plenum is about 1/4" from the cardboard lift the tape tabs and slide them out. Works like a charm ;)

    Sorry no Wife had the camera.
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