308 dyno tie-in recommandations

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by adesalos, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. adesalos

    adesalos Karting

    Mar 19, 2003
    I will be dyno my 79 308 tomorrow morning. I am not expecting much since I haven't touch the car since I bought it 4 months ago. It will be a good baseline before the next 60k service.
    I would like recommandation about where to tie the car in at the rear end. Should I use a cross member, or is there a special ring or place to place the pull cable(s).
    Recommandations welcome tonight (I forgot to ask earlier, and wouldn't want to miss the dyno session for that)
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  3. snj5

    snj5 F1 World Champ

    Feb 22, 2003
    San Antonio
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    Russ Turner
    Like a Mondial, the 308 has a tubular chassis with numerous places to place the strap - it's a dyno tech's dream.
    Just dyno'd mine - it's great info!!
    Let us know and good luck!!

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