308 GT4 Tan Interior

Discussion in '308/328' started by italcarguy, Jul 1, 2014.

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    There are many good threads here which a search will reveal regarding this type of repair/redye. You will in most cases need to provide a sample for the dye provider to match. This usually comes from some piece from under the seat. Bottom line it can be done with some work on your part. Good luck and post pics along your journey.
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    Any advice on the best place to buy new seat covers? My interior is in very similar condition to the one above but I only have one small tear in the middle of seat bottom. It looks so dry that I'm not sure it make sense to just repair one section.

    I'm considering the same options but when I priced out all the little repairs and then still need to redye everything it might make more sense to get new seat covers and dye the rest to match. I got an estimate of $900 leather and labor to just repair a few panels and piping on the drivers seat, not including the dye job.

    The back seats will be fine with just a re-dye, they are only for groceries anyways.
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    The best approach might be to remove one of the front seats, and clip off a small piece of leather on the bottom where it won't show, then send it to any of several manufacturers of seat kits for matching. The other way would be to send a sample to a leather supplier for a new hide, which a good upholsterer would use to redo the front seats. If the rear seats and matching leather interior components are OK I'd consider using Lexol leather conditioner on them to restore the suppleness of the leather, to avoid cracking. Amazing stuff, and it really works!

    I obtain my leather hides from Douglass Interiors in Seattle; you could try World Upholstery in SoCal for seat kits, though of course there are many other suppliers. Check around for the qualifications of an upholstery shop before you commit to having the work done, which is reasonably expensive, of course.

    I would not recommend changing the color and dyeing the rest to match, as in the GT4 there's a whole lot of interior that would need to be redone, unlike the 2 seat cars. Good luck-


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