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Discussion in '308/328' started by Nuvolari, Jun 13, 2008.

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    I'm looking for experienced opinions of what typical concours points deductions are at an FCA judging. For instance what deduction can be expected for a car that is missing all of its smog equipment? I ask please for informed responses and not guesses. Anyone with experience in this please chime in as I have not found a lot of information on the subject. Many thanks in advance.
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    Well, you asked for an "experienced" opinion, I don't know if I'm quite that yet, but I have judged a couple of FCA events and been through FCA judging seminars, and showed my cars as a participant quite a few times.
    From the International Advisory Council for Preservation of the Ferrari Automobile (IAC/PFA), which FCA usually uses at events: for your question on missing smog equipment: 2 total deductible under exhaust system, with -1 for "incorrect hardware", and -2 for "incorrect system". so, herein lies the rub: They try to make it as objective as possible, but subjectivity gets introduced when one judge interprets your lack of smog equipment is just a -1 for being "incorrect hardware", and another dings you a -2 for it being "incorrect system" (since some originally fitted equipment is now missing altogether). An argument can be made for both, and if 5 judges that are way more experienced than me come on here, you may get several different answers. I've certainly seen it myself at events, as a judge and as a participant.
    Other notables just for reference, chosen totally arbitrarilly: -5 for incorrect engine type, -1 for correct engine but wrong serial # (I've seen this be a stickling point in the past with guys that have had warranteed engine changes on their early (80-81) GTSi's), -1 for hood fit, -1 for trunk fit, -2 for "non-Ferrari period" color. -1 for incorrect emblem, and I've seen GT4 guys take issue with how a judge analyzes F-badges vs. DinoGT4 badges.
    In the end, I find it fun just trying to dig to the bottom of just what was original and what wasn't on these cars. I have a friend whom i've known for going on 25 years now who was a sales manager at a big F-dealership here in the NE when these 308's were new, and he has regaled me with some pretty amazing stories on how much variation there was on the cars when they were offloaded off of the transporter regarding paint, boxer trim, rocker panel color. I.E., what was on the car VS. what the actual window sticker had printed on it ... sometimes it didn't all match, even when new !!


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