308QV radiator removal

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by Doc, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. Doc

    Doc Formula Junior

    Sep 13, 2001
    Latham, New York
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    Bill Van Dyne
    I'm conidering having my radiator boiled out /recored this Winter. What is the procedure for removing it from the car? Does the ac rad come out with it as well ?
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  3. 308GTS

    308GTS Formula 3

    Dec 27, 2001
    You don't have to take the condenser with it. It will come loose from the radiator, it maybe slightly stuck though. I took off my front bonnet. You can get it recored or sometimes if the core is in good shape they can rod it out. They will tell you the % blocked too if you ask.
  4. Nuvolari

    Nuvolari F1 Veteran

    Sep 3, 2002
    Toronto / SoCal
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    Rob C.
    The Rad can be removed without the removal of the AC condensor. I did this last year and believe me the rad removal is a pain. To take the rad out you will need to remove the hood, entire lower air dam (which includes removing the grill and maybe bumper), and you will have to remove the fans. Without taking the fans out it is impossible to get the rad out seperate of the AC condensor.

    Once all of these peripheral parts are removed, you can take the rad out in about 15 minutes. Be careful and note how it goes in and out and practice a little because when you get the rad back, you want to be able to put it in cleanly without bending the fins.

    From experience and research I have done DO NOT BOIL OUT THE RAD. Getting it professionally re-cored is under $250 and the best money you will ever spend on the cooling system. This past summer it was terribly hot and even with the AC on in stopped traffic, my temp needle never even creeped. Chances are your rad is 20+ years old and these rads do not boil out well. Considering the work involved to remove the rad don't cheap out.

    A few other tips,

    - Your tanks should be good so the shop will only need to chage the core
    - Make sure you get a really experienced rad guy. The brackets have to line up 100% or it will not fit. Only a really experienced guy will be able to do this.
    - If you are big on the 'original' thing, make sure the rad shop orders a matching core. They are available so don't have them tell you otherwise
    - Lastly, while the rad is out at least change the lower rad hose. It is only a few inches long and worth the preventitive maintenance.

    Good luck

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