330 tipo 209/365 tipo 245 engines in competition

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    Will Tomkins
    Were any engines derived form this block used in competition by Ferrari?

    It is clear that the the 4 litre GTOs & 330 LMBs used the tipo 163 engines, but were the larger blocks of the 209 and 245 which looks essentially the same used in the later cars such as 330P and 365P?

    I can see no reason to use the 209 for a 4 litre as the lighter and shorter 163 was doing the job, but assume that the 163 was not stretchable from 77 to 81mm bore for a 365 engine. The question is whether the first 365 competition engines used a version of the 245 block or did they have new purpose made blocks for the job.

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    Will Tomkins
    Trying this one again, in the hope someone may know.....
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    I have a few technical literature regarding those cars which I acquired recently, if I can find anything that at least somewhat answers your question, I'll post.
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    I don't think so, at least as far as the 4.4 liter tipo 245 2-cam motor is concerned. I think by that time, Ferrari had seen the light, for racing purposes, in the 4-cam motors. I would think that the casting architecture for the 4 cam block would be too different from the tipo 245 casting to warrant using the 245 mold as a starting point. I don't know nearly as much about Ferrari motors from the 1960s as I do about the 4-cylinder motors from the 50s; but in the 50s, Ferrari cranked out an unbelieveable array of motor types; I don't think the notion of making a new mold was something that really bothered them too much.

    As soon as I write this, I'm sure someone will correct me, but how many comp Ferraris actually used the 2-cam 365 motor? 0824, 0826, 0836 and 0838? I think it's kind of interesting that Ferrari kept using the 2-cam Colombo motor in production cars a good 5+ years after they stopped using them for racing; doesn't seem very "Ferrari"-like.
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    10 year old thread.

    The tipo 214 engine used in the Ferrari 365 P Prototype cars is said to be derived from the tipo 209 330 GT 2+2 engine and made around 380 BHP.

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