348 brothers: I'm going over to the dark side -- selling my 348 to get a 355

Discussion in '348/355' started by 348SStb, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. 348SStb

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    Well guys, I've finally given in and I'll be selling my 348 tb to get a 355.


    April fools'! :D
  2. ernie

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    Nov 19, 2001
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    The Bad Guy
    HA! you big sucker.

    You got me LOL.
  3. f355spider

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    May 29, 2001
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    Hugh G. Rection
    Sucked me in too! :)

    Oh well.....your loss! ;)
  4. $$$=SPEED

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    Aug 18, 2004
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    Depends who's asking
    DAMN IT!!!! You had me scared there for a minute???

  5. 348SStb

    348SStb F1 Rookie
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  6. RickDay246

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    Sep 10, 2004
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    Rick Day
  7. Animate

    Animate Karting

    May 21, 2004
    How many of you read the heading and thought, "I wonder how much he wants for the 348?". I did.
  8. Ricambi America

    Ricambi America F1 World Champ
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    Cute, real cute.

    The first rule of the 348 brotherhood? Don't talk about the brotherhood.

    The second rule of the 348 brotherhood? Refer to rule #1
  9. kjtar

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    May 16, 2004
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    Thomas A Reynolds
    To "The 348 Brotherhood": If you were to do it again (get a 348), erm, would you? Or would you go with another model/marque? And, if not, _why_ not? Reason? I have a friend who's thinking seriously of getting a 348 cab and he's heard a very bad review of them from a guy who's never owned one. Fellow knows what he's talking about, generally, but I thought "Hey, let's get some first hand responses." What should a new buyer really look out for on a 348 cabriolet, and, as it's a later model, had most of the problems been ironed out by then, or "is it still a time bomb?"

    (ducking, but interested)
    Tom Reynolds
    Sand Springs, OK
    Private responses okay to
  10. qaev

    qaev Karting

    Jul 22, 2004
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  11. rivee

    rivee F1 Rookie

    Jan 20, 2002
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    Tom Reynolds,

    I can only speak from the experience of owning one 348.

    Since purchase, my car has been the most dependable auto I've had in quite awhile.
    All the negative reports I've read about 348's are usually from non-owners or ones who have traded up to a 355 or 360.

    Why wouldn't they talk down a 348? They just got a 355 or 360!!

    Every year of Ferrari is usually better than the previous. Not unlike most American cars as well.

    If you find a car that hasn't been abused by some punk rich kid, then you'll have a good dependable Ferrari.
  12. Kevallino

    Kevallino Formula 3

    Feb 10, 2004
    Los Angeles
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    I never considered a 348 until I drove one - my dream car since 1976 was a 308. When I got ready to buy it was going to be a 328GTS (I know that the 328 is a better car than the 308 but with much of the same look/history/mechanicals) - I had the money in my hand, drove the car, but the PPI revealed some damage that ultimately changed my mind on that car. Was looking at another 328, and drove a 348ts in the meantime - totally changed my mind. I liked it so much that I decided to find the extra $$$ (somehow) and get a late spider. I guess if I had had 355 spider money I would have got a 355 in the first place, but now that I have my car and have got it sorted I am really happy. I love the rawness of it - manual steering, etc, and I am particularly happy with the sound with my Tubi/Hyperflow exhaust. Plus I like the fact that there are so few of the 348 spiders in any trim, let alone blu sera over crema.

    So overall I guess if I had 355 money I would have purchased one, but I cannot imagine not having this car. I love it. When I upgrade I expect it will be to a 12-cylinder but I will keep my 348 as well.

    My US$0.02.

  13. jtremlett

    jtremlett F1 Rookie

    Feb 18, 2004
    Hi Tom,

    I think it says a great deal that you almost never hear 348s bad-mouthed by those who own or have owned them. I have a '92 348 ts and adore it. I think a lot of it is to do with the fact that the 348 had good press reviews when it first came out, but it was later discovered that it was a bit tricky on the limit (something Ferrari rectified during the production run). Journalists, then feeling they'd been 'found out' for not having done their job properly in the first place, started slagging the car off and pretending they'd spotted flaws at the beginning and some of the mud has subsequently stuck. The 348 may not be the greatest Ferrari of all time, but it is still a great car and puts a smile on my face for days afterward every time I drive it.

  14. $$$=SPEED

    $$$=SPEED F1 Veteran

    Aug 18, 2004
    Portland, Or. USA
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    Depends who's asking
    By far and away the best car I have ever owned. Real drivers car! It gives you, the driver, the most feed back and for me, makes the driving experience much better! Get a well maintaned example and you will have a smile from ear to ear

  15. Ski Guy 348

    Ski Guy 348 Formula Junior

    Mar 29, 2004
    Greenville, SC
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    Jay M.
    My 348 Spider has over 100,000 miles and is still going strong. Need I say more?
  16. OmegaSteve

    OmegaSteve Formula Junior

    Sep 18, 2004
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    There is just something about the 348. I went and had a look at a couple of 355's this weekend but just can't bring myself to sell the 348.

    I like the 355, the 355 is a 'better' car, the 355 is more modern, it's quicker, handles better...but it ain't a 348!

    There is something about being in the 'brotherhood' that makes the 348 so very special.

    Maybe after time my passion will relinquish and I will move on but owning a 348 is like supporting your favourite football club. Once a 348 supporter, always a 348 supporter.
  17. DM18

    DM18 F1 Rookie

    Apr 29, 2005
    Hong Kong
    For sheer fun a 348 is better than a 355 in my opinion. I don't like electronics. The more you drive a 348 the more you love it. And then you can start to play with suspension and other things that are not really so easy on an electronic car.

    My 348 is a pure race car and the twitchiness is well sorted. It rides the curbs better than a stock 355 Challenge. Move the fuel tank to the front, do suspension/brakes/18" Speedlines and put the car on a diet to below 1,200kgs. Power is adequate from blueprinting and planning the heads.

    And it is just so much fun to big-time pressure 355's and 360's on a track day because there are so many experts....

    I have had several 355's. The reason that I have had several is that I regret selling the car and end up buying another. But it is the 348 that I will keep. The only other modern Ferrari that holds the same appeal to me is the 550.
  18. drbill

    drbill Karting

    Nov 14, 2004
    new york
    after driving many porsches over the years i was looking to meet the following criteria for first ferrari
    -gave me the feel good happy feeling
    - priced in my comfort zone
    - good reviews from prev/present owners

    here's how i sum up the 348-GOOD,FAST,CHEAP-PICK TWO ONLY (YOU CAN'T HAVE ALL THREE!)
  19. MDshore348

    MDshore348 Formula 3

    Dec 24, 2004
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    i love my 348 . i will sell it when people stop drooling over it and taking pictures...
  20. BT

    BT F1 World Champ

    Mar 21, 2005
    FL / GA
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    Bill Tracy
    The 348 is a lot of fun to drive. My mechanic says he thinks any issues with the 348 are generally also present in the 355. Plus there are a few other mechanical issues with the 355. He says he thinks the 348 is more dependable than the 355. I am sure this will get some strong negative feedback from 355 owners. All in all each owner I have met has been pleased with their choice of car. I would not hesitate to buy the 348.
  21. tjacoby

    tjacoby F1 Rookie

    Nov 1, 2003
    Vancouver Canada
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    To me, the 348 is the end of an era at Ferrari. (yeah - others might argue that the 328 was the last of the era, and the 348 was just a mistake on the way to the 355). To me, the go-cart feeling, and a few modern touches makes the difference. I've just got mine and I'm thrilled. I'm sure it'll cost a lot more to run than the Mustang I traded up from, all part of the package. Sure the 355 is a "better" overall car, and so is the 993C2, if that's what you want.

    Tell your friend to go drive a few, and he'll either get it or not. If he gets it, threat of a few dollars in repairs isn't going to scare him away.

    For the maintenance bills - I've heard a few different stories from mechanics I respect. 1) 348's are more likely to have little things go wrong where 355's are more likely to have big things go wrong (ducking). 2) 348 will cost about the same as the TR to maintain. Neither comment scared me away, and the names will be changed to protect the guilty.
  22. Ingenere

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    Dec 11, 2001
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    I've had my 348 for 15 years. There have been TRs, 308s, Mondials and an F40 along the way, but the 348 has stayed! I probably should have held the F40 a little longer, though.

    The 348 is still very raw feeling and more of a driver's car...not the cush and bling of the newer stuff.
  23. kiwi348

    kiwi348 Karting

    Feb 8, 2005
    new zealand
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    here here. my sentiments exactly.
  24. kiwi348

    kiwi348 Karting

    Feb 8, 2005
    new zealand
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    exactly. drive a 355 and you realise how superb the 348 really is. 348 has no power steering, a notchy gear shifter, a less smooth ride. 355 has so much jolly refinement it feels like you are driving a toyota. power steering means you dont feel the tyres bite the road like you do in the 348, smooth gear shift is girly, just girly, as is the smoother ride. buy a 355 and your misses will be in it as much as you. get a 348 and she will stay puit in her toyota.

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