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Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by Kds, Jun 4, 2005.

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    I did a search and think I have found my answer to the question I want to pose.....but obviously before I go spending money or anything else I'd really appreciate some quick feedback from those here in the know. Many thanks in advance for any and all replies !!

    1994 348 Spider.......never had this happen before until today......went for a spin and the speedo needle was stuck on the 20 kmh mark regardless of my actual speed (odometer did not work either).....then it operated normally for a brief while........then it stuck on 80 kmh while I was doing about 30 kmh......then it stopped operating again and went back down to 20 kmh......then it jumped back up....etc...etc...intermittent operation, a fixed speedometer needle and incorrect readings were the order of the day for about a 15 minute drive until it finally started operating normally and never malfunctioned again. However......tomorrow is another it the speed sensor that is on it's way out ?
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    It sounds like you have a loose or bad connection. I would check first at the connector in the engine bay. Looking in the engine bay from the rear you will find the connector on the left hand side. It is between the manual opener for the fuel door and the charcoal canister. Right above the shock tower. To unscrew it you turn counter clockwise. Make sure that it is clean and connected properly and that the wires are in good condition. You can also follow the cable down the the bottom of the transmission to check the connection on that end also. Now if that checks out fine then you may have the connection on the back of the speedo coming loose.

    To get to the back of the speedomiter you will need to remove the instrument housing. There are two screws on the bottom corners that you will need to unscrew. Once you have those out grab ahold of the sides of the housing and lift it straight up. You will now be able you get to the connector on the back of the speedo. One other thing, if you lower the steering wheel all the way down, it makes it easier to get the housing off.
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    Thanks Ernie........I will have my tech take a look at this on Monday.

    Anyone else have any other possible ideas as well ?

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