360 Build your own project? Done before?

Discussion in '360/430' started by chris0315, May 8, 2020.

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    A little background, I was looking for at least 18 months for the perfect Scud but gave up, got a FF to be able to have the family on board and don't want to break the bank for a Scuderia. 360 CS is in the same ball park and has the F1 I dont like so no option for me.

    My background is Porsche, I've had many years modern Porsche but also 7 years a vintage one. Since I'm for sure not alone here, I'd like to ask the people that are usually after 964 F-clone and whatever mode about, if they ever adopted that idea over to the Modena.

    As long as the 360 is around, this is my starting point for the love of Ferrari. I gave up on building a vintage Porsche Singer style to my needs since this is a.) too much done already and b.) to expensive for what it is.
    Question, has ever somebody done a proper conversion of a 360 towards street racer? Gt3 genes?

    my bucket list is:
    1. lightweight
    minimal carpet, bare aluminium
    2. carbon door panels
    3. up to date race seats (I dont like the bucket seats from the CS)
    4. roll bar
    5. stick shift
    6. CS grill in the back, maybe even wing?
    7. appropriate sound

    donor car:
    1. black interiour
    2. no major crash
    3. rust free

    a donor car these days is probably 50k USD. 30-40k for the transition and a lot of time and fun. Am I too far of?
    Anybody done something like that before? Any advise?
    I'm not necessarly doing this to safe money (ok, if it cost scuderia figures its pointless) but more to create my own version of a Ferrari.

    Any thoughts?
    Thanks and cheers,
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  3. vrsurgeon

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    It's been done to some degree or another. I know a guy who took a standard manual car and put OMP race seats hub centric rims, redid the engine lid, etc etc.

    It's what he wants, and he loves the car, but he likes to mod his cars and he beats on his cars. In the end, when you have a car that is so.. "you". If you ever decide to sell it, the Ferrari market isn't generous to modded cars.. or rather "personalized" cars.

    What car comes closest to what you want to have? A scud? And why a Ferrari? Why not just to the GT3-RS and be done with it?
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    John Zornes
  5. one4torque

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    This is my plan. There are cs clones. Which are marvelous. But I want to build a pure performance based build w no regard to the revered and expensive cs parts.

    more of an outlaw 360 build

    I believe this can be done on a budget if function is preferred over rare parts.

    look at any hpde e36 build for inspiration.

    they remove everything that adds weight then add back in power and safety items

    this can be done in a tasteful way.

    Plus—. Due to the high value of Ferrari parts — you can recoup project costs by selling unused Daytona Seats unused modules carpets and fancy leather clad interior bits.

    Additionally - look at u tuber ratarossa — see his ratarossa testerossa build.

    When done—- daily, hpde, weekend corner carver toy! Not for the golf course valet or night club set.
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  6. Skidkid

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    Aug 25, 2005
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    John Zornes
    There is also a thread on a similar build, not as extreme but headed that way. Go for it, make a race car. Many people here race various cars and don't have a problem with purpose built cars. Be forewarned, do it for fun and don't expect it to be revered as concourse or to get the money back out. Do a thread so we can all watch the progress.
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  8. FR500GT

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    Jan 26, 2020
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    Subscribed if you move forward with this project!
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