360 codes 1123 and 1125

Discussion in '360/430' started by delta2210, Oct 24, 2009.

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    The CEL recently came on in my 1999 360 with a tubi exhaust. It showed codes 1123 and 1125. It was also having a rough idle problem.

    I took it to my local shop and they cleaned the throttle bodies and checked the fuel pressure. Pressure was fine, tb's were dirty. The problem seems to have been resolved.

    This car has been hardly driven the last 3 years. Now that I have it and am driving it a couple times a week, I am getting the feeling that these cars need to be driven more. I wonder if I should throw some fuel injector cleaner in the gas tank.

    I am curious about the codes. I looked them up. They indicate that both banks of cylinders are running too rich. I think this means there is too much fuel getting in the system. Can this mean there is too much or too little air getting in there? Just curious if it is a gas cap problem and too much air getting in the tank. I have noticed the fuel economy is not that great. I do have a tubi exhaust (the quieter variety.) Any ideas??
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  3. forgeahead

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    check your air filter

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