360 Spider production by year

Discussion in '360/430' started by jfor348, Feb 4, 2021.

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    I’ve been searching for for days for this info but just can’t quite get there. Does anyone know where I can find the actual production number of 2001 360 spiders?(not including Modenas,just spiders) I’m in Vancouver Canada. The collector car program here ( which provides very cheap insurance) requires that a car be 25 years old. I’m thinking damn, I guess I’ve got a few years to wait. Then the other day, what do I see? It’s a 360 spider with collector plates! I’m like, what the hells going on here? So I call ICBC and they tell me that if the car has low production numbers (specifically, 1500 cars or under for the model year) then a car 15 years or older can qualify. BINGO, that’s my ticket man. ICBC won’t help me. They said I need to provide THEM with the proof. I told them “well I actually saw one on the road, don’t you guys already know this information then”? Didn’t help. Any information would be greatly appreciated!! Or I guess I’ll have to call Ferrari and bug them, like they have nothing better to do.
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    I previously had Haggerty for my classic car insurance. They would not insure my 2001 Spider as it was not old enough.
    I contacted ZEHR Insurance which also sells classic car insurance , and they have another category called specialty cars. ZEHR themselves are also brokers and I received insurance through Echolon, which carries the 19A agreed value clause.
    Similar to classic car insurance their rates start at a small base value and then increase based on the appraised value of your car.
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    Terry H Phillips
    There were 723 US model 2001 360 Modenas and Spiders sold in the US. Using a 28% WAG for US production, that would mean 2582 360s built worldwide during our 2001 MY. Half of that would be ~ 1291 spiders, less than your 1500 number. NHTSA numbers.

    Ferrari numbers show 6565 360 Spiders built from 2000-2004. Divide that by 5 model years (not exact, but probably close enough) and you get 1313 Spiders. Numbers are pretty close calculated two ways (1.7% difference) and less than 1500.

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