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    Nov 8, 2003
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    Eric Dahl
    Hi everyone,

    Girodisc has just become a sponsor for Ferrarichat, and I wanted to introduce the product to those who may not have seen it.

    Girodisc is a engineering company that produces racing brake systems and components. It was formed by myself and Martin Meade. Among other things I was an engineer for Brembo and Martin was an engineer for Porsche for years.

    We have OE replacement sized two-piece discs for most modern Ferrari models. the discs are lighter and cool better than the OE parts. They also cost less is most cases!

    Have a look at the website for lots more information.

    Below are some pictures of the two-piece F360 replacement discs.
    The Girodisc weighs 14.5 lb, and the OE unit is 18.2 lb.
    The car loses 14.8 lbs of rotating mass and gains some ability to cool faster and resist fade longer.

    I look forward to answering questions and working with the Ferrari community to provide braking solutions for Ferraris as well as many other vehicles.

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