430 Challenge Front Main Seal

Discussion in 'Challenge/GT Cars' started by Bahb7, Feb 3, 2020.

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    May 8, 2011
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    Hi All,
    It looks like I have a slight front main seal leak on my 430 challenge.

    Can anyone tell me if this requires pulling out the engine for access? It looks like I might be able to get the front crank pulley off with a low-profile gear/pulley puller if I can find one.

    Does this require just removing the crank pulley for access, or do I have to remove the whole front engine cover?

    Anyone have any service manuals, instructional threads, or instructional videos on this? I haven't been able to find any yet.

    Also, assuming I can get the pulley off, replace the seal, etc....what is the torque for the crank pulley bolt?

    Great forum!....thanks for all the helpful folks on here!

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