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Discussion in '456/550/575' started by ccr2002, Apr 7, 2009.

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    I noticed that an earlier thread showed a blk 456 with 575 wheels and 612 brakes. Was this an easy swap? What about the 599? There are some 599 brakes (complete set up) on ebay now...someone swapped for ceramics. Not that i'm tracking this car...but i'm interested in trying to make my 456 handle/brake as well as possible.

    any thoughts on feasibility/advantages/disadvantages?
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    Terry H Phillips
    ccr- The 612 and 599 have different wheel stud spacing than the majority of Ferraris, including the 456/456M, making those brakes difficult to adapt. Brembo makes kits for the 456, which will improve braking (~$4000), and there is a set of Challenge Stradale CCM brakes on E-Bay which might be adaptable ($12,500 or best offer). The simplest thing might be to fit Pagid RS 4-4 Orange brake pads to your car. These are the FHP pads available on the 550 and 575M, and, if you can stand an occasional squeal, will give improved braking performance. The Porterfield pads offered by Ricambi are another alternative, and do not have the squealing problem.

    Terry Phillips

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