458 Challenge Tire Question?

Discussion in 'Challenge/GT Cars' started by YellowMurci, Sep 27, 2018.

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    If you were using this car just for track events and not series racing can you run street tires? meaning a cup2 or trofeo r? im sure will reduce the expense of changing tires everyday for 5k - or perhaps the hankook slicks?
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    Have you tried the nitto nt05r? 305/35/19 its very affordable drag radial
  3. stradleboy

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    A set of the Pirelli tires are around $2600, you should not be paying anywhere near 5k
  4. Joeyung

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    Mar 9, 2011
    As an aside, I bought a set of tire warmers for my Pirelli's and they helped greatly at extending the tire life as you reduce the number of heat cycles on the tires. I have tried Michelins with no luck, they seemed to confuse the ABS as their circumference is a bit different than the Pirellis. Stick with the pirellis and get tire warmers if you want to buy fewer tires.

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    Wow, great idea. How many heat cycles are you getting? I'm finding 1 good heat cycle, two ok, 1 not so good and last 1 is 3-4 seconds off pace and not fun. Total of 5, max.
  6. Joeyung

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    Mar 9, 2011
    Well you do get one good run on the stickers, then I can get about 6-8 good days on the tires as I am only putting on one heat cycle per day. Then after that they fall off significantly. You know when they are done.
  7. windsock

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    We have been running Michelin's on the 458 with no issues including our endurance races of 8 hours or more. I have sets if you are interested. I think you will find that most street tires and other slick brands will have ABS and TC issues.
    I am also liquidating a large amount of our 458 spares and inventory making way for 488 and the GT3 inventory. Let me know what you may need.

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