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Discussion in '458 Italia/488' started by ajr550, Feb 21, 2018.

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    Yes of course, we have been told, an additional platform. I wonder if extending the life of the 458/488 was the original plan. If so, a money grab for investors?
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    I was in getting the FF serviced last week and was informed the regular 488 allocations have stopped, the remaining new V8 dealer allocations in 2019 will be Pista and Pista Apertas only. Also was told the 488 replacement (all new not refresh of 458/488) and new "Dino" based on a stretched Alfa 4C carbon tub will be shown at Geneva. Others hearing the same thing?
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    John Nugget
    Yes. At the Maranello dealer presentation the 488 FL has been presented as an "all new car".
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    Mass Appeal
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    90 % of this thread disagrees

    It seems implausible that Ferrari will launch two new cars together

    The carbon car might be BB due later this year

    Previous evidence of use of F142M-FL suggests not a completely new car whatever PR puff says
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    The thread might disagree all it wants but that doesn't mean that it is right. Only Ferrari knows and if they say that it is new, it is new.
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    To be fair 90% of this thread echoing a single source - fer9000

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    Nice...dipping into the Alfa parts bin. 4C that was a popular car :) Well at least they finally after other brands have had forever, are getting to CF tub--very forward thinking LOL.
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    Has Ferrari ever stated that 812 is an updated F12? Or the F430 a restyle of 360 ?
    Has they officially said that 458 and 488 share the same chassis?

    Nothing strange if they sell the FL as a brand new car.
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    Especially if as expected the FL has a Pista engine ,rear louvres ala F40 ,and not even have 488 in the name.Personally i'm looking forward to seeing it shortly.
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    No real pictures of the 488FL available yet?
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    Jim Gress
    Everyone that buys Ferrari’s knows the 5 year change is always a re-style 10 year is all new so yes Ferrari always told us. That’s why some people including me don’t agree with the other 90% that fer9000 knows something we don’t. I’m expecting the all new replacement next month and if that doesn’t happen I won’t be buying a new car this year.
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    Ferrari marketing speak is not necessarily the truth. How many times have they said “there will not be a Scuderia/Speciale” version when launching a car? The numerical designation implies it’s not a new car and I’ve heard it’s not a new car because there are delays in the new platform. This is a 1-2yr filler until the proper replacement is launched. Ferrari will say it’s all new to promote sales. All subject to interpretation.

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  14. Dilusha

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    Facelift is ridiculous. If I had a 488 GTB and couldn't get a Pista, I'd rather wait 2-3 years for the F171.
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    George Pepper
    What do you mean, "stated"? The F12 and 812 are on the same chassis and the 360 and F430 are also on the same chassis. This is just a fact. The issue with the facelift car is that it would be the third model on the same chassis as the 458 and 488. So far the rear-mid V8's have gone 308/328; 348/355; 360/F430; and 458/488, all sharing a chassis. The FL would make a third car on the 458/488 chassis. It's not all new if it is built on a previously used chassis.
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    For those of us who aren't willing to buy a car we don't want in order to buy a car we do and are not good enough customers to be offered a Pista without any strings attached, that is the most likely path. I certainly don't want to buy a minimally improved car that will depreciate like a rock when it's replaced in two years. I already did that with the Cali T HS and the truth is, the Portofino isn't that much better than the Cali T HS but it's new.
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  17. Dilusha

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    Dec 10, 2016
    V6TT hybrid will be vastly superior to the facelift in every possible way. Hence the depreciation will be unfathomable!
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  18. Doug23

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    Jun 23, 2017
    Yes, those are facts. No doubts.
    I meant to say: has Ferrari declared those facts? At the 812 (or 488, or 430) launch they said or wrote on the press kits "this car it's based on the previous model" ?
    No, but neverthless we know the truth.
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    Jim Gress
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    Doug, yes they have. This will be extraordinary to have a third car that is a facelift of the last two. I don’t buy it and won’t buy it if it’s true. You guys are nuts if you think you know exactly what the factory is planning. I’ve said this a thousand times and can’t wait for this thread to finally die. Over the last 20 years and with 10 Ferrari’s bought Ive never known exactly what I’m getting when they change and yes I could’ve had a Pista and passed waiting for this car.
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    Dec 10, 2016
  21. kandi

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    Let's think about it. If there are delays in the new platform, then what is the "BB" ? Not a new platform?
  22. ppg70

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    Aug 22, 2017
    he is not the only source btw and for sure he has very good information.....for sure better than dealers including mine!
  23. Maximus1977

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    Dealer told me today that the 488 replacement willnot be a v6. They will stay with the v8 tt. A v8tt hybrid super car will also be introduced shortly.
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    I am sure it's like Porsche where no one really knows what's going on inside the sausage factory, but is there a consensus on if the 488 replacement (or facelift) will have v8tt + hybrid setup or no hybrid/pure ICE?

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