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    "F.A.R.T": yes, somewhere, I have one of the T-shirts too....there were additional cars involved, as I said...I was a "bay Area guy" in those the east bay was "the Alpha guy"(GREAT story how Steve got the dlrship from Alpha as an engineering student/scca racer back then-for another time), and these guys in "the hive" in east bay...then there were the guys on the peninsula...Stories form 40-50 years ago, are sometimes best left to lie dormant...

    0636MDTR: Factually, to MY memory, there were more cars and more parts which arrived that week, but thats immaterial...
    Marcel: as is typically the case-your information is distinctly above average, but in this case....I was actually there...I see no benefit to the thread in a "I know more than he does" affair....suffice to say, I SHOULD know more than the average bear due to a coupe of simple issues-firstly: birth: I was around these cars as a function of being born into an historically old, and wealthy, American family. As a result of which, secondly: due to the addictive nature of motor sports of the era(s) in question, said exposure would become a lifelong focal point of interest...a commercial hobby, as it were....At 15, I can remember driving a 375 at 100 MPH in fourth gear, and the plugs started to foul.... after driving, you had to change the motor oil-as it was so fuel fouled- if you were to light a cigarette too close, you risked explosion! A modest exaggeration, but i've made my point! Circa early 70's late 60s....
    ...the pictures of the cars are in a box I've spent over 5 hours digging/pouring over....since this car was "stolen" and presumed lost to the ages almost 2 decades ago(at that time), when I gave the boxes of pics to a client(you know him and me), I seem to recall actually throwing some of these away stating: "this car is gone, but what a mess anyways"....

    I have just been advised by counsel that barring the physical possession of these photos, and a secondary, corroborating individual(I think most are gone, as this WAS 45 years ago, after all), that prudence dictates that at the most assertive point, all I can say is:
    "IN MY OPINION," and
    Besides, who cares of the musings of a senior citizen? I am reminded of an old latin proverb/phrase I saw on an amulet which says:
    "VERITATUM COGNOSCERE" on the obverse side, and on the reverse side: "LATEBRA FACTUM"
    { "To know or gain the truth through Covert means or Subterfuge."}
    The litigious nature of our society has come to the point where one must always be cautious when millions of dollars are at stake....
    I can categorically state that on this topic: I have no answers...only secrets...

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